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August 12, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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New bloggie up!

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Well it still needs tweaking. It looks cluttered and not exactly comfortable to read, especially the long postings that will come your way.

However, this is a one time deal that I would provide the link. Either you will get it, or you willnot. Update ur links people.

This blog would eventually be close for public and be buried in the catacombs of internet graveyard of dormant blogs.

As you would read from the blog, that would be the type of writing to come. No time for emo and personal boo hoo’s hullaballoo now (if got also dun wanna show u all me vulnerable side, Hmpf!).

You can now visit it here

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August 5, 2009 at 11:21 pm

Bagitahu la aku awal awal

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Tak payahlah aku nak sakit kepala buat perancangan.

Buang karan aku je.

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August 4, 2009 at 11:32 pm

God, is that your son?

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The only one son that you gave to humanity?

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August 4, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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My (new) humble abode

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In the room because the other spaces is just… Empty.

Checkout the wrestling worthy folded chair! The almost Mondrian free carpet!

Somehow the view out of the window looks like full of greens. It’s not. The apartment is next to a freaking highway OK, I am experiencing the perils of urbanization while learning Marx, Weber and Durkheim. How about that?

Need to scavenge for discarded furniture and wooden boxes. I am done buying for things. Some are embarrassingly from THAT Swedish brand. Guess which one?

Wanna upload the pics of my two wheelers, but the line damn slow la. Next time la.

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August 3, 2009 at 10:06 pm

Protected: It came haunting me

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August 3, 2009 at 11:39 am

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The loudmouth goes to the dentist

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The new blog is taking time to take shape. Yes, I want abandon this one, for the embarrassment of, let me be honest, of the URL. How unoriginal. And WordPress don’t have the option of changing the URL as you like, unlike Blogger or Tumblr.

So yeah, I went to the dentist, just, after Goat knows how long. Since primary school I think, when they have those dentist, sponsored by Colgate, to come over and give us teeth check. Which surely don’t need much fixing back then. I mean, how bad can your teeth be at that age right? Unless your mom gives you candy buffet daily at home, or you goes by the name of Hansel or Gretel.

Cheek-y (about to be ripped open) bastard me answered, when asked by the receptionist, the purpose. I told: Overhaul. Which painfully (later and soon) proven to be true. So I told the doc: you give me a overall check and we’ll see what needs to be done. Of course I don’t go to a dentist without a reason, I was feeling piercing pain already while consuming cold drinks since sometime ago-it comes and goes. I have already wanted to go visit teeth doctor when I was at the Motherland, but as I’m stuck with the whole transfer back to the West-syde hullabaloos and gobbledigooks that I need to attend to, I didn’t. Till now. Another sharp pain last Wednesday, so I know something needs to be done.

Dentistry has the unique characteristic of being BOTH ‘medical-live-saving’ and cosmetic at the same time. You can’t say the same to, say, many other fields- plastic surgery or oncologists for e.g. ..Ok, there are plastic surgery to work on disfigurement from untoward accidents, but you know what I mean. Some say that if you can’t be a ‘real’ doctor, you become a dentist. Well, what do I know, I’m just a guy with teeth problems.

The chair. Now, I have heard all these while how the chair is a symbol of status. My friend who use did fine art used to do an art installation about chairs. And of course, from the tale of how the term ‘Chairman’ of how it first came about, back when they were wearing togas and the fella who is sitting on a chair having the most ass-kicking status. I wonder the giant chair at Geneva is actually some holier-than-thou status of those guys have being the place where the ‘Chairmans of nations’ gathers. But it only have 3 legs. Why eh Ayuk?

Yeah, sorry, I digress. The dentist chair however, for me, symbolise a totally¬† different thing altogether. That chair is a chair of trust my friend. Sitting on the chair is a contractual gesture of giving all your faith to the dentist. Where the dentist is God (or Goat, to each it’s own), looking down on you, with a bright halo (from the spotlight), deciding your fate, when for you to have your pain and when to have your (seemingly paradise) pauses.

I did filling for four teeth. Some ngilu induced drilling and some patching up. I actually visualize in my head slabs of plaster of paris being putted on my holes. The drilling a bit painful, but that, I believe, is nothing compared to what I will further encounter. The doc said that I need to remove, not one, but TWO of my wisdom teeth. But that is for the next visit.

Filling for four teeth: RM 195.00 (I hope that can be claimed)

Other incurring price: The shrilling pain

The experience: Priceless (as in, who the hell wants to pay for that kind of experience?)


1) If I can sit through 4 hours of pain getting my tattoos for cosmetic purpose (yes, I lied about the whole practicing the culture thing! I am just vain.) there is no reason to not to sit through my wisdom teeth removal. I rest my case.

2) The title is written so as a kind of self-imposed sentence, albeit necessary from medical point-of-view, for all the sinful things that came out from my mouth.

Next Friday 4pm: Wisdom teeth removal appoinment. Check. The removal would be on two separate occasion, one for each. Can’t I just let it rot till it fall off?

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August 1, 2009 at 11:51 am