Fourth night..but who’s counting anyway?

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You are enjoying this ya don’t you? (referring to Sherry especially)

Work was kinda usual today, sit in for a class just now, Modern Economics, which I am supposed to tutor later. Also went to HR for a while, to pass some forms for both allowance allocation form and immigration stuffs- I can’t wait for all this paper work and monkey businesses to settle.

Couldn’t get my bike delivered by next week, Mr. Loong was busy for the week so he couldn’t help me deliver the bike to the post office. Sigh. Another week of relying to other people for transport. Another week of driving new VIVA automatic. Sigh.

If you have been noticing, I have been using a word or two of Sarawak words here and there. My blog is educational that way. So get your free tutorial here, elsewhere people have to pay me to do it. Word for the day, auk, meaning, Yes. Like, Auk, Kamik sapir supir Hafizan: Yes, I am Hafizan’s driver.

Tired. Walked at least 5 kilometers around the neighbourhood here in search for a house. The one I called last night and saw today is damn nice, single storey, with tiled floor, 3 rooms complete with bed and mattresses, a TV, a dining table for 6, a fridge, stove and gas, a refrigerator AND a washing machine. All for RM 450.00. The price is just for me, the decent looking educated tutor from the peninsular who wishes to stay alone so that he could host people from outside who comes here. And so that he could do his household chores naked. The house is damn nice, with extended behind for kitchen. But it’s over my budget anyway and I might as well use the extra to buy things for the house. And it’s also a Malay house, a bit disrespectful and will definitely get neighbours talking if I punish my tuak in there. Bygones.

Most of the single storey house here is mid-cost house and rent cost about RM 450.00. Some even without furniture. Another one charge RM 480.00 just because she have a fridge in the house. I never expect Chinese houses being rented cheap. By the 8th row of houses I surveyed, I knew the market price. I can only get a low-cost house, double storey with 3 bedrooms and one toilet and one jamban. Just like the one that I am squatting now. One room in the ground floor, which I would make as my library with books borrowed from the uni’s library. Remember, it is 30 books limit for the duration of 3 months. You will never see the same book in my library. Haha.

That leaves me with two more room upstairs. One will be my bedroom, and another will be my store room. But you can’t call it a store room if you don’t have anything stored in it, can you? What can I store other than extra oxygen? There is not many big dumpster here that I can dumpster some usable furniture or junks. Sigh.

I called about 8 landlords/landladies asking for price. There is one particular guy who kept on accusing me being his friend playing a prank in him. He keep on saying Ini suara macam James aja..James kan? Dari KK? for the whole 10 minutes although I told him that I am NOT. Almost fucked him on the phone for wasting my phone bill. Fucker. Then he suddenly slammed the phone on me after he said something like, “ Kalau berminat saya datang la, kalau tak berminat saya memang tak akan datang punya.”- although I have told him earlier that it depends on the price that he is offering. Weird.

I end my search, two hours later, with Sarawak Laksa and a can of Tiger. RM 3.50 for a can at a Chinese shop yo! Heaven. I didn’t quite get the waitress when she told me, I didn’t believe my ears, so I paid her with a RM 10 note.

I chatted with Embok, the next door auntie after coming back from the makan place. A very nice lady who has all the noble intentions in providing help to people. She is basically, as I understood from what Ikhwan told me, the Yellow Pages of Kota Samarahan. Whatever you need, whether a house to rent, a water piping problem, whether you locked the door with your keys inside the house or any services you need, just ask her. She will come with the contacts. She recommended me a house just right opposite Ikhwan’s. The low cost houses here are given according to race for Bidayuh, Malay, Chinese, Iban and even a small part for mualaf. And the house she recommend is in the Malay row, with a surau nearby. So, (refer to the sentence with tuak above). Plus, Embok will be around, I don’t want the old lady’s heart to be broken seeing me what she didn’t expect me to nudist drunkard.

The least I want people to feel here is me being disrespectful to their culture.

And I can’t be enjoying Sarawak without tuak. And refuse to do household chores clothed ever again, once I get my own place. So..

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August 17, 2007 at 12:44 am

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  1. You know I’ve been counting since day one T_T Hope you’ll find a decent place soon, dear, and then only you can join the do-your-household-chores-naked club.



    August 17, 2007 at 2:38 am

  2. whoa, glad you’re back!
    it’s aL from tight corduroys..

    azrul angkasawan

    August 18, 2007 at 5:01 pm

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