Sunday Postmortem

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It’s Sunday, and I am just at home (Ikhwan’s place) to do my laundry and ironing. I was supposed to go to Serikin today with Hafizan, with her uncle, aunty and their three kids, but I couldn’t make it as I was supposed to view another house for me to rent. Supposed to, but didn’t as the landlord made me not only cancel my trip to Serikin, but called me late from our agreed time, and later again calling to tell me he is going to be late because of all time, he need to repair his car door.What the hell do some people have in their mind? Already he is not the only house that is vacant now, two doors away there is another house begging to be rented out and he made me wait. I asked him to go to screw himself.

It’s raining heavily out there and drops of water start to fall IN the house, substandard low cost housing construction. Luckily I have done my laundry earlier. I have finished ironing my work clothes when it rained.

I was out at the city yesterday. Hafizan has been very kind to bring me around. We first went near a residential area called Taman Sahabat, maybe because they have a park called Taman Persahabatan China-Malaysia, where a black huge and larger than life statue of Admiral Cheng Ho is placed. Nothing much at the park really, just some minimalist landscaping and a risque statue of two cats in the mood for love.


Heil Cheng Ho!



In the Mood for Feline Lurve



We went to have some sotong kangkung next at a halal Chinese restaurant by the name of Lok Ann. The place was said to be famous with their Ais Kacang, cendol and their relatives. Cool.

Then we head to the city. We simply walked around, stopping by here and there. We went to the Jalan Gambir and then to Indian Street through a famous short cut that was supposedly used by traders in the old day to take a shorter route to the other street.


Indian Mosque Lane: where people used to take short cuts. Lazy asses.


Spices and dry goods at Indian Street


Boats unloading their catch to Tamu Ikan




There are a lot of gambir and minyak lintah stall around the town at Sarawak. What the hell is that you ask? The pictures below explains it all.


The crook-looking guy seling gambir. This is him before he go all out and graphical on how the goods he sells could be used. Observe that there are also China-made Viagra and date rape drug (in red metal box). Fucker will later go morally correct saying these date rape drug are dangerous and all. and advise people to be careful. But he sells it. Nice.


Potent Elixir: Minyak Lintah. Read the box yo!

Yes, before there was Viagra, there was Gambir. For the benefit who is as clueless as I am, gambir is a manhood enhancer. It will aid you endurance- taken not by consumption but application: soak the magical wood chunk into water from natural sources as chlorine affect it’s performance and apply to Mr Wiggles. Generously. Rub it till it feels numb, then your partner will love you for the multiple orgasm that she experience (hopefully).

Readers of this blog can benefit from my current location. I will now receive order for the purchase of Sarawak Gambir and Minyak Lintah. The second item is a potent elixir, said not only to enhance performance, but in some cases, according to the crook looking guy selling it, might even help in increasing cup sizes for the ladies. Supersize it. Order now, every order will be marked up 300 percent ffom retail price. If you want it quick, pay for my flight tickets.

Ok, I am lazy to write today. As you will see in the following pictures, we also went to Waterfront, an exhibition on Nephentes, Crowne Plaza and a happening market selling (almost) everything under the sun at Satok- Pasar Minggu. The market is open from evening in the Saturday TILL Sunday afternoon.


My tour guide: Miss Hafizan who are very kind to bring me around. Here we are at a Nephentes exhibition.


While the men peddles Gambir at pathways, women here sell Kuih Lapis Sarawak.



One of the many similar type of shops at Main Bazaar



Tua Pek Kong Temple. Right in the middle of the city intersections.



Even the VCD shop here looks better. Yes, that is a interior design-savvy pirated VCD/DVD shop.



Laksa Sarawak: The tangy spiciness from the lada is awesome! At a makan place called Saddad.


Pasar Minggu Satok:



From the pedestrian bridge.


Coke disguised as tempe.




Pakcik selling putu mayam. I think, too many customers surrounded him for me to have a good look. The smell of what he sells could be detected even at the distance that I am standing taking this picture. Imagine.


Kerrang! Going for RM 2 per kilogram.



Nephentes and Venus flytrap that you can plant on a pot. Apparently not a local breed, but it sure helps in pest management.


So when are you coming to Sarawak?


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August 20, 2007 at 1:52 am

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  1. Eh.. gambir not only helps that la *pervert*.. it also cures tooth ache.. ;p


    August 21, 2007 at 5:03 am

  2. “coke disguised as tempe” hahaha…
    Yuen, trylah those embrocations!!!


    August 22, 2007 at 2:00 am

  3. I know.. But who cares about lame old toothache and how often you get toothache that you need to buy Gambir anyway.

    I remain firm on my stand to highlight Gambir’s properties in enhancing sex.


    August 22, 2007 at 9:42 am

  4. Embrocations scmocations!
    Yeah, i think I will try it, um, u want me to buy you some dude?



    August 28, 2007 at 6:36 am

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