.Second week.

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Meet the landlord of the house that I am going to rent today. Bugger charged me for the remaining days of the month though it’s still like few days left. If only the wife is not there, I definitely could deal with the husband. I am still at Ikhwan’s place, they urge me to stay here till the weekend. There is virtually nothing there as well-kinda have to buy a lot of things to buy.I am planning for the clichéd ethnic-themed décor for my house. Minimalist, of course, at least till I have further my Masters overseas. Only when I’m back here from my studies then I will spend more- with my bigger paycheck then. For now, maybe a tilam and an electric kettle.

It’s the second week I’m here at Sarawak and things are so far, so good. Hope that I don’t take too long to get my bearings right over here. Without a proper guideline to follow, I really have to plan ahead for myself, asking lots questions to the right people.

I am running out of rollies. Whoever you out there who wanna come visit Sarawak (pronounces by local as Se-ra-wak), buy me a packet or two. Buy one packet, I will provide you with free accomodation- I am renting a house with not sigek, not dua igek, but tiga igek room (yeah, I got it right this time). Buy me two packets, I will provide a car with a driver cum tour guide (i.e., me). Buy three, I will provide you good Sarawak food. Any brands will do, I prefer Bison, Virginia Gold or Drum. Don’t ever buy me Harvest or any of those silly flavoured tobaccos.

I am still waiting for my bicycle to be delivered here. Mr Loong still apparently have lots of things on his hand now.

I miss all my friends back home. All of you. I know that somehow, the relationship will change once that I am here and I don’t meet you guys (and gals) often. It definitely will, but I want you guys to know that I really appreciate the friendship that we had. Book the flight ticket ok.

I tried J&J kuey teow tomato the other day and I really like it, though I am not really a big fan of soury food. But it is that nice that I go over it. I’m glad I have tried it. Kuey Teow tomato is among another favourute dish here, served almost at all eateries. A must try.

I am anticipating for this Sunday: me and Hafizan will go with a group of first year student to Cultural Village. Yay! Free trip.

I am living temporarily now with three guys: Ikhwan, my most hospitable host. Wan, fellow tutor at my faculty and Nasa, another guy. Kinda dislike the latter guy when he made a racist remark that day. I gave him a silent treatment after a very engaging macho male conversation that day. He felt it but I hope he get the mesasage and not to do that in front of me again. Generally all of them are really ok, nice bunch of guys. Guys who watches TV3 evening series and play Naruto PS2 game. And watches TV most of the other time. I wish that there are more conversation though. TV is not really my thing.

And finally, I just conducted my first tutorial today. Wasn’t that good. Um, because of one of the reason that I hate myself again and again- I didn’t make sufficient preparation. My bad, my bad. It will never happen again. The students are cool. For next week, I will give them a class worth every penny they paid of their tuition fees.

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August 22, 2007 at 9:38 am

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