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As expected, there will be less about and more about yours truly, as time passes by. Until the next time I visit somewhere interesting here, that is. which would not be long, this Sunday in fact, I am visiting the Sarawak Cultural Village. I have forgotten whether I have mention that here before-I don’t know, I write blog at home at nite, without internet access then upload at office the next day.It is a weird day today. Not that weird, but with a lot of discoveries and interesting things to see. First, I have found that in fact, the faculty where I am at now has a group of very eccentric and interesting people as lecturers. One of such people is actually also an activist in Amnesty International. A man who are vocal in his criticism but yet soft-spoken and polite to the people around him. A guy that I would happily commit as my sifu just as how some of my lecturers have been for me. I met him today to set up an appointment. And there are so many experts here that holds dearly to the saying, think global act local:-

I don’t deny that the staffs here are focusing their concern on research specially for Sarawak and the Borneo Island. I understand the whole notion, but I do not think that I would only limit myself geographically here. Of course, there are many, many unexplored and aspects that needs to be researched here, but having this myopic vision of things might led us to be out of touch with elsewhere in the world.

I am actually now doing some deep thinking on which area that I should specialised on. Mind you, all the areas currently held by the staffs here are very interesting by it’s own right: It is as if I found my place, that after the dust settled, I fall back to where I belong. Here. Together with the discoveries I mentioned in the paragraph above and the climate of thoughts and opinions here, I could never be happier to be here.

My colleague suddenly found herself liking dangdut. Mind you, this is a gal who usually listens to Hitz.fm and your usual staple of radio-friendly Top 40. And she mailed me this video.

Funnily, I have just read about the dance featured in this song, which I think is the current craze at Indonesia; the Poco-Poco. It is a dance done in a group, not very much unlike Macarena, with it’s simple steps and catchy music. Try it at home. I read about the similar dance at Dina Zaman’s I am Muslim, where the writer told an Islam charity organisation by the name of Nursyifa conduct free exercise classes by playing Billy Ray Cyrus and teaching the Poco-Poco dance. It sounds and looks fun in the video.

OK, I wanna actually put the youtube here, but some technical crap happened. So go Google or Youtube it yourself ok.

I also got a mail today sending me pictures of a very, very cute T-shirt paraded by the very, very cute darling of mine:


I miss my Hunney!! :3

I suddenly struck me just now, just before I wrote this entry of far I actually am from where I used to be. I have this projection of Federal Highway on my mind, the Kota Selangor gerbang near University Hospital. So surreal. It all seems so far away. I know that it is just a flight away, but it seems so unreachable now.

I think I got a little homesick.

I don’t usually promote other people’s blog but I found that
Btw, I have changed my handphone number. If you didn’t get it, try get it from someone or me. Mail me at yuenkokleong@gmail.com. I won’t give it out here.


Sarawak vocabulary for today:
Nangga: See
Sitok: Here
Sinun: There

I learn some of my Sarawak dialect here: Mee Kolok Sigek

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August 24, 2007 at 1:15 am

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