So far so good

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By the coming Monday, it will be a month that I am here. Looking back, I have no regrets moving to Sarawak. No, I didn’t stuck out like a sore thumb; I fit in here like a glove. Sure, I missed home and now by home I mean the Peninsular, I mean Selangor and Klang Valley.

I would not implied in detail what I have seen, places that I have been here, but in the duration of three weeks, I can proudly said that I have seen a generous portion of Sarawak, in areas around where I am and at Kuching. Put it this way: I have already drove alone to the town with the aid of a hand-drawn map at night, experienced a little piece of nightlife here, took the van sewa to town just like everyone else, walked around town alone and have seen the Regatta and been to Pasar Satok and the Cultural Village. On top of that, known a former infamous drag queen of this area. But of course, there are a hell lot more to experience.

So far so good.

In three weeks. Yes, I am giving myself the proverbial pat on the back. Sue me. *Pat pat*

To a friend out there who has been assisting me improving my vocabulary and getting my Sarawak-speak (and also French, Southern American and British accent) right, my speak has improved that many around me now are impressed that I’ve picked it up quite fast. Hehe, ngegeh.. Thank you ya. UPDATED: There is an educational video to learn the Sarawakian speak. I don’t know how to post the darn youtube here, so you may click here to go to the video. Watch and learn! (Thanks hunney for sharing.)

Of course I missed my darling very much. She has been a very supportive girlfriend, for I have my many grouses and I think that it really takes a lot for a person to stand all of it. Sure, we have our bad moments, but it only strengthens our relationship. No, I never thought that this long distance thing might work, but so far so good, so far so good. I love you Farhana, and I don’t care if any of you out there who are disturbed by this public confession of mine. It’s MY blog.

And yes, the people here are different. The people here has been very hospitable and very accommodating in helping me making here feel like home to me. My experience mingling with from the people in the university, students, staffs and even the strangers that are now friends has been very positive. Accepting this semenanjung guy who before this never stepped his foot and never known anybody here. Thank you for all those who have been bringing me around, for all the Sarawak love that I have been getting. Wow.

Yes, I am the cool tutor. Yes I mingle with the students. Yes I even smoke with them in the lavatory, as if I am still Form Four and have been making plans with those drunkards (there are so many of them, it is like a league of drinkers not only from here and Sabah, but also with representatives from the semenanjung). I just hope that my neighbours would not call the cops when the time comes. Yes, I am going to get my first tattoo soon, as soon as I get my first pay- I have asked around.

As I looked back, like I have said before, 2007 has been a milestone year for major shifts and changes in my life. Surprisingly so, also for many of my friends. It seems like everybody is making new commitments, making gargantuan decisions. A year for changes to happen.

So if there is any of you out there who has been holding yourself back from quitting that job, getting the new girl, moving out to elsewhere, taking a path to a new career (not job,career) or in general, going to the realm of the unknown, take it from me; it’s not that bad. You might be surprised or even hit yourself in the head for not taking the steps earlier.

I just woke up from an after dinner nap, still having the after effects of screwing up my biological clock and hence, disturbed my flow of words. Pardon me, this feel good post is not my usual shot of langkau as well.

Written by yuenkokleong

September 7, 2007 at 12:38 am

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  1. Yes, don’t let anything holding yourself back. Look forward and make up our mind to achieve what we want our live be.


    September 7, 2007 at 2:46 am

  2. It’s been so far so good for me too, though it might be a bit messier for me because I have to intentionally make myself busy to keep my sanity intact, lol. (Or resting when things get too much). I’m air mailing myself there today, don’t forget to pick up the parcel at the airport :P And I love you too, Kok Leong <3


    September 7, 2007 at 2:47 am

  3. “change change change, i want change, you want change, he wants change, she wants change, evryone knows we need a change”.

    haha,yuen,jgn mengegeh okay, when u get back to ko pegi lah kedai cake my bestfriend kat pasar satok.


    September 7, 2007 at 4:00 am

  4. seriously, i’ve always been amazed with your decision of quitting your job back when you were in semenanjung. i mean, it’s not something a normal person would do. you’re something. hehe. i guess it all turns out well. high risk, high return huh?


    September 7, 2007 at 3:57 pm

  5. ngek, im glad you had a good one. kelak ngagak lagik. iboh lawa, iboh ngegeh.



    September 9, 2007 at 1:25 pm

  6. theng: Thank you, yes looking forward and outwards, out from the comfort zone. It’s fun! You can try it!

    hana: Thanks for the great weekend dear. I have received the parcel and sent it back..

    canabiss: Kat mana kat Satok? Dekat dengan Pasar Satok ke? Apa nama cake house dia? ..I love cakes!

    azrul: Yes sir, high risk, high return. I have been lucky, I guess.

    Chai: Yess, a good one indeed, the first for the many many to come..


    September 10, 2007 at 3:54 am

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