Weekend with Hana

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Hana came over last weekend and we went out. Definitely needed for I am missing her so much. It was a great weekend. We went to the town with the Van Rollercoaster (to quote Ekin), ate belachan bihun (pictured below) at Song Kheng Hai foodcourt. Walk at Main Bazaar, Padungan, Jalan Gambier: mostly town center. I also brought her to J&J for their Kuey Teow tomato. Awesome, she loved it very much. Yes, I am dumbing down my blog. So let’s start (and end) with all the pictures…


The honourable VVIP guest.


Um, some temple, I am dumbing down myself too. I mean, what is the use of reading details of a temple that does not affecting your life directly? It’s not that the facts matters when I further my studies..Pfftt..


The infamous belachan bihun. Which you can get at…




That stall at Song Kheng Hai foodcourt. Song Kheng Hai is a foodcourt-cum-recreational center (because it has a field that you can view from the foodcourt: drink your sea coconut while watching a rugby game). I didn’t give him the credit last time; I will this time. I stumbled upon the place really, though later I found out it is featured at Kenny Sia’s blog in this page here. There, I’ve said it.

I was at Jalan Padungan looking for bicycle shop and I particularly interested in one dingy old shop with ell the rare bicycle parts strewn around..(I will post on this tomorrow; this is a story worthy of a standalone posting/) and as I was checking out what was behind the row of shops at Padungan, I saw Song Kheng Hai on my outing that I posted about previously on 6th September.



The prices of the food are the same, but the pay for the workers though…I fucking hate it whenever there are jobs like these that requires you to wear uniforms and then they claim that “Pakaian Seragam Percuma”, I mean, what the fuck is that? Only when the workers can choose NOT to wear the uniforms, then only the phrase would be meaningful, geddit? (7th Mile)


Observe that the signboard is carved out of one piece of wood- there’s a lot of effort there. (At 7th Mile)


Locals’ favourite snacking-snacking: ABC with sotong kangkung which I ate…


…here, at Persiaran Ban Hock, with Saiful after sending Hana to airport.

So that was my last weekend here.

Really wonderful time spent. Thank you hunney for coming, I appreciate it very much.

Saiful was also a great company, some of the pictures above are from places I went with him after sending Hana to the airport. We went to Batu Kawa, 7th Mile and Kuching that day, going around aimlessly.

No thoughtful commentary here. Everything is fine and dandy.. Why worry? Why make something out of nothing? Relax (and be ignorant)…


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September 12, 2007 at 10:04 am

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  1. your haruka hana is soo cute.hehe:)nnt next week we’ll hang out together nak siapkan record lagu change.yuen, aku penah semayang kat tokong depan waterfront,and then ada opera kat situ.


    September 13, 2007 at 3:26 am

  2. I want to go there again, and this time we take “raido” with your bike, k? :3


    September 13, 2007 at 11:09 pm

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