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I don’t like how they make coffee here. The tea here is better as compared to coffee (local or branded ones) here.

Usually, when I order drinks here, I will order Teh C. If you come over here, you must try the Teh C special here. The best ones are those prepared with Gula Apong (the local Gula Melaka), not with the green coloured Gula Pandan like those J&J makes.

I usually have my Kapal Api coffee at home, I make myself. I make good coffee, just ask Ashley or Sherry, they know.


Talking about food and beverages, I also like the Ais Kacang and ABC (they are different things here, unlike some places at semenanjung where both usually means the same thing) at Persiaran Ban Hock, Song Kheng Hai and Lock Lock Ann. If you are the type who usually eat the kacang in those; the kacang here is fucking good. Some uses the conventional red beans (the giant sized ones) while the braver ones uses soya bean.

Lips smacking good those are, especially in a hot sunny day; you are in a blissful state having those rehydrating your parched dry throats.


The sotongs here are HUGE. So rather than eating immature small sotong, you have huge chinks of delicious sotong kangkung here. The price here is of course competitive, it’s not really that cheap eating here at Kuching, but nonetheless, it is worth every cents dug out from your pockets. The crunchiness of the just cooked (not undercook, not overcooked, just nice) squids together with the thick black paste and kangkungs are just the things that make many Kuchingites, and Sarawakian generally, a bunch of happy people.


I am currently doing intensive readings, but at the same time, cracking my head (not really) thinking about what research that I want to do for my Masters (that I hope could eventually be converted to PhD: so that I don’t have to be getting PhD only when I am old, and springboard my career in academics). I want to dwell into social psychology. It is the perfect combination of what I am truly interested in. I have already have a few possible topics in my head, very exciting ones, I assure you, but it isn’t the time yet for me to reveal: yes, I am kiasu-ly afraid that it might be hijacked. So until I have got my proposal submitted, I will keep mum about it first.

The titles are of course, quite close to my heart and at the same time, has something to do with social psychology. Have fun guessing, or better still, give me some suggestions that I could also consider for my research: I am serious about this! Tell me what do you think would be interesting to be researched upon, it could be anything, as long as we are looking from the social psychology perspective! Looking forward for your suggestion!


I am a sucker for delicious indie rock guitar licks, my knees get all wobbly listening to those, imagining myself stylishly cycling my old bicycle as I listen to those, creating an imagined aura of coolness enveloping me:

The Kills’s Love is a Deserter.


Goldfrapp is giving me something to fill the void that I have been having for electroklash after LCD Soundsystem


I suddenly remembered a girl carrying a Kierkegaard book during her night outing with me, in her handbag! Makes me smile every time I think about it. Ah, the stylish intellectuals amuses me!


Written by yuenkokleong

September 26, 2007 at 6:34 am

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