I love it when lotus paste from mooncakes stuck between my teeth

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Life is about taking chances. Taking that step that you have been wanting too. Just take it. I know I have written something that sounds like this before but I just couldn’t emphasize enough.

My friend, Ekin, whose boyfriend is the best friend of mine, is now at Langkawi, working close to where she’d always wanted, by a beautiful beach. She loves beaches so much and by taking that risk, leaving some of your very precious things behind, both tangible and non tangibles.

Now she wake up every morning (presumably) to the sounds of waves from the sea; no need to set the alarm clock in snooze when you have the beautiful sea greeting you in the morning- you will be eager to wake up.

This is what life is about. Clinging on to that job that you hate to go to every morning is like that piece of spinach stuck between your teeth; annoying as hell, but not annoying enough to make to quit it. So you bitch about it everyday, like the constant jab of your tongue between the teeth, in futile hope that it will come off.

Of course the situation might be worse; you might have a piece of chili from the sambal you ate on your front teeth without you realising it- you stuck in a job that you don’t even realise its not good for you. Only years later, only when you check yourself in the mirror to scrutinize yourself, when it is too late after all the damage is done, that you realised of all the things that you should have done.

There are so many lists of unfulfilled “Things to be Done Before I am 40” around us. That’s why middle-age crisis happened.

What struck me to write on this again is when one night, not so long ago, I watched a few movies back to back till wee hours in the morning that I looked outside the window at 5 a.m. from my third floor apartment, the serenity of this place that once again seems alien to me. I never seen my surrounding at this hour before and the breeze touched my face, as if bringing the presence of the people from the west to here. I suddenly thought of all those people that I left behind and suddenly an existentialistic “why am I here” thought popped up on my head.

In short: I missed you guys back home. I am doing fine here. It is the Mooncake Festival now but there is no full moon in sight. I never celebrate that before, but somehow it reminds me of my family and friends.

P/S: Mail me some nice mooncake.


Written by yuenkokleong

September 26, 2007 at 6:27 am

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  1. yuen,sometimes we have to be a risk taker kind of person.if we are not dare to take the challenge, we will stuck at the same position forever.
    p/s:i miss home too!


    September 27, 2007 at 3:09 pm

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