Bits and pieces #2

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Apparently you have to pay to go to the beaches here. Most of the nicer ones are privately-owned. I have a friend who told me that you have to pay something like RM5.00 to go on certain beach.

It is a CRIME to own a beach!

It really makes you go all commie and make all private property illegal, doesn’t it? If air could be owned and sold (which I know would not be such a bizarre thing in the future, I am sure), it will be. I mean, people never thought that a machine selling R.O. water would be a viable idea before, right?- but when all the resources are polluted- like the tap water that all of you suckers at Semenanjung are drinking right now, you have to pay to get the clean ones.

I am so grateful of the water here. You know how that if you have those white electric kettle that most rumah bujang has, that through frequent usage that it will eventually yellowed on the inside, that there will be stain from the water you boil? The one that I bought here when I first came till now only have some barely visible stain. And I have been using that kettle for more than a month now, to boil water at least once (most of the time, twice) a day. I hope this is something that will go one for a long time. But to be honest, we all know that at this very second that you are reading this, somebody is logging illegally in the jungles of Sarawak. For sure. It’s just a matter of time, enjoying while I still can.

I hope it never came to a day when we have to have our own version of NEWater.


Written by yuenkokleong

October 9, 2007 at 2:38 am

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