Bermusim-Musim di Neraka (a.k.a. Karma Kontradiction)

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Buddhist devotees aimed to be reincarnated as humans, that by doing good in this lifetime, they aim to be reincarnated again as human, and not animals. Not many who dare to aim higher. The higher plateau which means the freedom from the cyclical reincarnation torment with the privilege to reside in the VVIP area in Heaven. For not many who are virtuous enough to even think of going there. To think that you WANT to achieve Nirvana itself is a hinder for you to reach Nirvana. Read on to understand why I am trying to illustrate.

(By now I have sadly noticed and announced that I really think that I am a contradiction detector of some sort- seeing so many contradiction that I have pointed out all along my writing stint so far.)

Because being a human means you are presented with temptations and tests all through your life and because nobody’s perfect, there bound to be a time in your life that you succumbed to your lust for worldly (and unworldly) things. Which means the existence as humans in the first place IS the eternal agony, not hell. Hell is only a threat that has being around just to control us- many just don’t realize it that we ARE, in fact, in the overrated Hell. Which is an irony that mere mortals aim to be exactly that, in the first place (see? contradiction, contradiction)

We are doomed on the first day that we were born. All of our life trying to be a good son, good daughters, subsequently a good worker, a good parent, a good neighbour, a good friend. Buddha said, when there is a want, the will also be suffering. We are born with our wants, from wanting to be breastfed when we are born to wanting for a good afterlife (I doubt there is any: it is as worse as it gets, you are happy enough if things just stay the way they are) when you are old. From the cradle to the grave. We couldn’t help it, we are just being humans. We can’t stop ourselves from desiring things.

So again and again, the mediocre us, who falls middle of the bell-shaped normal distribution and according to explanation in statistics, which also consist the largest group of humans, will again and again be subjected to all our daily humanly battles. The battle to resist urges, to not steal, commit adultery, be greedy, to punch that face, to kick that butt of the person talking with his/her friend while walking so slowly right in front of you, blocking the way as you are rushing, chasing to your (yet another) worldly obligations.

Where does that bring us? As Tyler said- that at least by not being normal, by being that nonconformist outcast, that you have the slightest hope to be noticed by God- if you believe in one. Stop conforming and follow the all the wrong footsteps of those who has gone before us. Try to be yourself at least, at least for this lifetime, if you fail you can try other stuffs on the next reincarnation. If you are a nihilist, atheist or even an agnostic, this will be your ONLY life. You only have one shot, make sure you do not miss your chance.

Ok, I am going to take my one shot now- I am going to produce something that I have always wanted to do but has put on hold, for more than half a decade. No time for blog writing now.


1) Some crazy people said that the word Amitabha that most devotees put at the back of their car might influence people to be a Buddhist the longer they stare at them. What a bunch of nonsense. I have been staring at those all my life till now, and yet I am still not converted. Born as one, but that doesn’t mean I am one. Geddit?
2) I am sorry if I mislead anybody. I write this without any proper research on the subject matter, just on my observation. Blame yourself for not reading more and for being so ignorant.

Written by yuenkokleong

October 11, 2007 at 1:39 am

Posted in Firing neurons

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