Bits and pieces #3

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I borrowed my friend’s external harddrive to look for “media”s that he have, files that I might want because apparently he has many videos (music videos and whatnots).  So there was also some mp3’s there.

Among them: No Doubt’s Excuse Me Mister.  The last time I actively listened to No Doubt was when I was around 15 (that was around the year 1998), if I am not mistaken, or earlier than that.  It was the time when No Doubt was on it’s prime.  Before Gwen Stefani go crazy and all self-absorbed.  Before the crappy L.A.M.B. clothing range and Harajuku copycattings.  When Gwen was still that ska-loving cool cat.  When Don’t Speak was played over and over again till it’s death on every radio station (Ok, not every, with the exception of Chinese and Tamil stations).

(Thinking about it, Malaysian station is just so fond of that:  There was the infamous song of all time: My Heart Will Go On by the Cajun mother of all ballad from Quebec, Celine Dion.  And then there was Zombie from the Cranberries.  There was also a list of one-hit-wonders Macarena & Co. (that remains a one-hit-wonder probably because of the role of the radio stations playing their song to their death that the radio-listening public DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM A.N.Y.M.O.R.E.  Moral of the story, don’t be a sell-out.  stay indie, and cross your finger to reach the cult status-then you[r band] will live forever)

Upon listening to the mentioned song, I realise, Gosh, they were REALLY good back then.  It is such a waste that No Doubt is going MIA (disbanded).  They could have been so well.  Go look for the song and listen- how upbeat and uplifting the song is.  I especially like the break part with trombone (I assume) that is just so dancable.  They were the only ska band that the public really knows- I love the quirky drummer Adrian.  Tony Kanal, the bassist and also the other fella, Gwen’s brother.

Bring me back to the 90’s!


Written by yuenkokleong

October 11, 2007 at 2:06 am

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