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I used to go to this place by the name of Sobranie Classic Cinema, at somewhere near Jalan Stonor, at those hidden green pockets nearby KLCC area.  It was a very rare and valuable place for me: It was a place to watch all the classic films THAT MATTERS.  Especially if you want to be a “film hipsters”.

It is very unfortunate it didn’t last long (the last I heard).  At the place, other than the cinema, there is a classy restaurant neighbouring it, both situated in a very beautifully minimalistic but well kept garden.  Sometimes there are events being held there- there was once a Lomography event of some sort- that I happen to went (and regret) as well.  It is a small but proper cinema.  There was a small ticket booth, and the cinema seats around 40-50 people.  All in those cini-plex seats.

Thinking about it, it is not surprising what the place ended it’s operation.  For most of the screening that I went, which majority’s on the night of a working day, the place will only be filled with average 4-5 people, mostly some Mat Salleh sesat who might just accidentally stumbled upon the place.  I heard that there was only once, when Quadrophenia was screened that the place was filled with Mods, Rudeboys and the likes with their Lambrettas and Vespas.  My friend, Munir Shah told me that, I missed that one.

The cinema was where I get to watch all these classics.  Black and White, sometime slent, movies.  OK, I didn’t go only so many occasions, for I was relying on a friend to bring me there but I did manage to catch two movies: Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa and Citizen Kane by Orson Welles.  As I was and still am, trying to be cool, by being able to “get it” to understand the plot the mise-en-scene the shot, the twists, the chereography, the influence of the zeitgeist when the film was being made, to appreciate the noir-ish narration, yada yada and the likes; I found that, hey, it’s not so bad.  It is really refreshing and something new to try.  Worse come to worse, at least I earn the right to put in my profile at Friendster/Myspace/facebook that my favorite movie is Rashomon or Citizen Kane- which is supposed to be cool, not weird.

Along my live there were also some other occasions that I came across two other Classic B&W movie: A Streetcar Named Desire and the Seven Samurai.  But those were really far and between. It is just simply very hard for an average person in Malaysia to get hold of those movies- either you have to have a rich friend who also wanted to be cool and spent money buying those rare DVDs (sometimes in Singaporean Dollar) and spending time hunting for it or you have the oppurtunity in your life (how I watched Seven Samurai), OR if ever, you to get to know that there are some screening somewhere, which usually cater for obscure class and seldom for public (how I watched A Streetcar Named Desire: at a screening at an Education Faculty at my alma mater).

Fast forward to here and now:  Thank you Internet.  Once again, I would like to express how lucky I feel to be here in the age of the Internet, with our ever-beloved Wikipedia and now, as an addition to all of us out here to be benefited from: the Internet Archive.  Go check it out! Most of the movies there are public domain and available for download.  I have been downloading everyday!  So far I have downloaded: Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, A Man Who Knew Too Much by Alfred Hitchcock and for today, Nosferatu by  F.W. Murnau.

Thank me later.  Go enjoy!


Written by yuenkokleong

October 11, 2007 at 3:43 am

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