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For raya here, it is almost a definite thing that you will be served with carbonated drinks during open house visits. It’s an expected thing here, that one is deemed worthy and appreciated with the serving of either Fraser&Neave’s synthetic fruit fizzies, carameled Kola nut or sarsaparilla flavoured drinks and my personal favourite, the yellow Joy Juice. It is a disgrace that one is not served with any of one of those artificially coloured, teeth ruining and stomach bloating elixirs. Though, as time goes by, there will be some variation.

To what extent that carbonated drinks play the major role here during festivities? Listen to this, this is good: To the extent that there are Kasino Air Gas!

There is a funfair-like place in a certain part of Sarawak (which I feel better be left unnamed to preserve the wonderful activity being held there) where there is a place which are not so different from a normal funfair that you will usually see. What makes it different is there existed a certain type of “casino” but no money transactions takes place there. People will bet on certain balls, I supposed something like how the lottery/bingo was picked- by a certain apparatus filled with balls with many different numbers- with a can of fizzy drink.

You bet a can on your number and if your number strikes, you get 6 cans payout!

I gave a thought about it when my friend told me about that quasi-casino practice and then I think: what makes this so popular would boiled down to two reasons: One, that it resembles gambling and thus give the joy to people who on normal terms could not gamble to have a feel of how it is (Though personally, I think that it IS a rightful gambling that they are doing there) and Two, the prominence of the role of the fizzy drinks here that makes the ‘game’ so popular, that it serves almost as a commodity money here. The second factor does tell you a lot of the prominence of fizzy drinks over these people’s life. At least you don’t have to worry about the drinks when open house season is coming.

I am now officially addicted to fizzy drinks served with Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Written by yuenkokleong

October 19, 2007 at 3:30 am

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