UPDATED: I am (we are) screwed.

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Me and Hafizan really sucked at Kayaking. We had our first (until yesterday before we go down to the water, that we still presumed to be our last) training yesterday. We sucked real bad. We are forced to go for training again today but I don’t think it will do much since..

Since the competition is tomorrow. Morning.

And since it is raining cats and dogs right now I don’ t think we could make it to the training.

We can’t even go in a straight line, we should be very happy to reach the finishing line in one straight path, let alone proceeding to the finals.

God, save me from this humiliation. Who’s freaking idea was it to join anyway!

(Lemme give you a clue, it wasn’t me)


UPDATES: I just go the pix from Hafizan. Not many though and none showing me and Hafizan kayaking as there are no one available to help us to take our picture when we were competing.

The picture sucks. But that’s all I have to tell the tale.


That’s me wearing my prop for the kayaking competition before the race. Yes, I wore that throughout both of the categories that me and Hafizan compete in. It was supposed to spoof the Angkasawan Negara that I could also be an “Angkasawan” embarking on a “journey” to space (the lake) with cheapass-do of spraycan-sprayed box. Of how stupid idea it was to sent a passenger to space and claimed it to be a space programme. I was too naive to think that people geddit- they commentator said, just as commeted below, that it was Robocop instead-wth.


Pix Credit to Hafizan


Hafizan posing with my ingenious prop 


The lake where the kayaking competition was held, inside UNIMAS.  Beautiful ain’t it?  You should see the reflection on the lake at night. 


 The verdict?  We didn’t even reach the finals.  It was better for fibre category (someone worse than us at our back) while not so good for the Explorer category (no one on our back this time, we were the last one) .  Haha.  But it’s not so bad, we had lots of fun.  And me, lots of sunburn.


Written by yuenkokleong

November 2, 2007 at 7:47 am

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  1. ermmm… that a wonderful experience; really wish I could be in your shoe!

    Sultanah Anouhea Audiya Yue

    November 5, 2007 at 5:37 pm

  2. Yeah, it is. True as expected, we lost in both of the categories we participated in, no even reaching the finals. The highlight was when instead of going straight ahead, we fumbled left and right on the starting of the Bergu Campuran Explorer category.

    You can be in my shoe anytime, if you want to. Lol.


    November 7, 2007 at 4:12 am

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