What? I thought Deepavali is a National Holiday

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And that is why I gone to the chillout mood yesterday, finishing the bottle of tuak that a colleague, Tracy has given me.  Watch movie (Smokin’ Aces- very fancy, but pretty hollow on the plot- predictable Crash, Bang, Boom of Nothing)  etc.

I took my time waking up this morning, I slept without setting my alarms.

Had my usual breakfast of Coffee, Cigarettes and Crackers, while watching the Breakfast show.  Then I thought- there aren’t many Indians here and have a slight doubt that it might not be a holiday here in Sarawak.

So I casually text Hafizan:

“Hmm..so boring at home.  Apa kitak nak polah hari tok?”

She replied:

“I am at d office. it’s not holiday today.”


I empty my mug and rushed to work, wearing the same shirt that I wore last Monday (unwashed yet) because I ran out of shirt- haven’t iron the washed ones.  It still smells ok.

I wanna eat Murukku, Prawn Sambal, Dry Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry at Mathan’s house.  And feast on the Tigers later.

I have to track down Indians here.


Written by yuenkokleong

November 8, 2007 at 4:25 am

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