Stalked at Last Halloween

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Hi. How a u? Reach kch oleadi?

A very casual text message, the only problem is, I don’t the hell know who that was. Just changed my number, so I politely ask who is that on the other line, as I might have lost some number or forgotten to include some friends in my address book.

M Sandy

M Sandy? What’s that supposed to mean? OK, it might mean I am Sandy. By this second sms I could roughly guess where this girl schooled and the language she usually speak in her social circle. But I pressed the matter, I ask her, who are you? I don’t remember knowing any Sandy, except one in USJ but I know form the way that she do her shorthands in sms it is not that Sandy. I ask her further: Have we met somewhere?

:-) wantd 2 knw u. U got pic?

I ignored her, but it starts to puzzle me how does this stranger who wants my pic, but also creepily knows my whereabouts’ and where I am heading (I was at JB on the way to Kuching- refer to first text above). At the same time I have a minor worry that my gf were testing me (though I know that Farhana would not do that but I was weighing all possibilities).


This is getting on my nerve. I ask her, have you got the wrong person, do you even know who I am?


Fuck! Ok, now she really do know me. And my wherabout’s. The problem is, I don’t know any Sandy. And she said she’s from JB. How the hell do I know anyone from JB? I was there only the second time there- the first time was already few years ago. I ignored her. She pestered for a few message more for the day.

I really don’t mind knowing people like this. I mean, I am not innocent in knowing girls, some of them my close friends now, this way. But the important thing to check is where does the person get your contact number. So I ask her, after she shied away from the question the first time I asked her: “Before we proceed, I really need to know where the hell you get my number”

I gt it from my friend lisa

Haha. I aso dnt knw whr she got ur no. She ask me 2 sms u n I do it lo. Jst knw her fm modesto. A clubbin place.”

I don’t know any fucking Lisa. And I have certainly never been to Modesto’s. I mean, who the hell goes to Modesto’s these days? Either they are like fucking late bloomer in clubbing or are just pointless of where to go. What a wannabe. Minus 10 points, origin questionable. Might be a China con women performing the latest con job- nobody buys “Ni hui pu hui zhiang hua yue?*” anymore.

She pestered me again, and again for the following days. I am also a mere mortal, and of course it is still a very appealing thing to have somebody tracking you down. It is flattering a narcissist like me, that after all the negative responses she was still persistent. Eventhough I told her that I have a face that looks like a toilet bowl, am 96 kg and 160cm in height.

The fun of all these of course to ask question and get all the flaterring replies of why you are so worthy to be an acquaintance to the person on the other end. But I had enough of fun, plus it has been lagging for three days. I am tired of all these shit. So I ask her the ultimate question: “What do want from me? Are looking for a friendship, a boyfriend, or someone to have casual sex with?”

All of it cn

I know this is NOT a good news. Either she is a psycho or she’s as desperate as a Hong Kong club girl who have taken the once famous Roche. Either way, I certainly do not want to go further.

Ok, maybe I still want to go a little more further. I have to at least see what she’s look like. Since she has been pestering me to send her a picture and have been the oh-so-willing one, I have to ask her to send me a picture first. She did. And here it is:

Stalker Sandy

Without any hesitation she sent it to me, as I have guessed. Not the one that you see above of course, I have edited it. Remember, she is a potential psycho and I certainly don’t want her to hunt me down at Sarawak after I publish her picture in the public in my blog. At least she know now not to mess with a blogger. So that at least before she harass anybody, she’d ask: “Are you a blogger?” Haha.

The following messages, that I ignore, because with people like this, ignoring them is the best way of getting rid of them:


Dun b lik ths Yuen pls

Hapi Haloween” (Yeah, and having you creeping me out on this auspicious day, how well it fits)

Dnt b lik tat la. I jus accept u no mattr how u lok o ur personal life. Cos nobody perfct in tis world rite? Cmmon” (Ok, this one I replied because I couldn’t stand her: “Excuse me, it is not the way I look which is the problem ok. Until I have get a proper explanation on how this friend of yours get my number then only we talk”). Isn’t it apparent that she might be a con women, so willingly?

I gv u proper instruction la. Dnt b lik tat la” (Huh?)

Nt stranger bt u got my pic already. Just waitng 2 meet up each othr only

Please please please ;-(


Hi yuen, y quiet? Cmmon b maturd a bit la. Please……..

Bz at the office? Y quiet

Hi yuen wat u up 2? Damn hot here gosh.. Dnt b silence la

And that was the last I got text from her. After the third day that I completely ignored here. Creepy or what?

But don’t let all these creep you ok. To all others out there who want to know me, please feel free to email me, especially those out there at Kuching. I know how to differentiate whether you are a psycho or not.

Cheers! Happy belated Halloween. Do you have any creepy Halloween stories to share?

* A con job done by China women who would first, without saying hello or any of the equivalent in Chinese and will straight as the question quoted, meaning: do you speak Mandarin in, the Mandarin dialect. Among some of those that you frequently see being reported on the newspaper. My dad got those calls numerous time, I got it twice and I would normally answer in English. The number +401 appeared on the caller ID the last time I got it.

**UPDATE: She texted me AGAIN yesterday, after a week she did not.

Written by yuenkokleong

November 14, 2007 at 2:19 am

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  1. waha, u sure it isnt a prank some friend is playing on u? ur stalker doesnt look to bad though, judging from the heavily editted pic =P

    was chuckling throughout the entry, heh. er, be careful anyway?


    November 14, 2007 at 6:42 pm

  2. Sherry,

    I was quite sure about that. An avid fan of the Famous Five and Detektif Conan, I have learned through pop culture how to investigate and ask for clues. None that leads to a prank by a friend. Don’t worry I have added another padlock. Haha.


    November 15, 2007 at 5:37 am

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