The Last Weekend: Damai, Serikin, Fairy Cave, Paku Hot Spring, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation, Kuching

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Last weekend, Christina came over and we went out to a few places, some I’ve been before, some I have not. Pixies taken by me unless noted otherwise, using Chris’ camera, of course. Less talk more pixels:


The Majestic Gunung Santubong. Pix by Christina.



Pantai Pasir Pandak, not the best beach that I have been to, that’s for sure. Just look at how disappointed the girl is. Pix by Christina.



Lamps at Serikin



Pastel-coloured baju kurung at Serikin, all up for sale.



Kain songket at Serikin



Curtains at Serikin



Tikar at Serikin



Checking the goods; rattan chairs for sale at Serikin. Model not included, each sold separately.


Vans shoe for cave exploring, Fairy Cave (Gua Pari-Pari). Pix by Christina.


Fairy Cave: Don’t go, it’s a rip-off tourist attraction: I see no fairy there. Pix by Christina.


Fairy Cave miniature. Pix by Christina.


Paku Hotspring. Yup, that’s the Hotspring- me with few local Hakka kids (rascals). Pix by Christina.


Mom and son, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Humans go to rehab because they abused something, animals go to rehab because they were abused. Pix by Christina.


Doing funny things behind mom’s back, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

*Now that I have seen orangutans, I am looking forward to see the other orang, the orang belanda (literal translation : the Dutchman), the layman term here for proboscis monkey. I wonder why the name orangutan has been internationally used but not orang belanda? Obvious from the derogatory usage huh?



Written by yuenkokleong

November 29, 2007 at 4:13 am

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