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Social Psychology, with attention to two key experiments:

1) Milgram Obedience Experiment

2) Stanford Prison Experiment

Watch two parts of the series on Human Psychology below, you will be enlightened and even, shocked, if this is the first time you encounter the two experiments that I mentioned above.

PART ONE (containing Milgram’s experiment, among others)

[livevideo id=7BA0DFC570AC4146A1102D93D00F217B/194894/cbc-the-human-behavior-exper.aspx]
CBC – The Human Behavior Experiments pt 1/2

PART TWO (containing Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment)

[livevideo id=E3676C7B475643458E25132D9700DA57/194936/cbc-the-human-behavior-exper.aspx]
CBC – The Human Behavior Experiments pt 2/2


A few years back, I watched a German film by the name of Das Experiment that haunts me deep down inside, of how the experiment portrayed in the movie showed such a dark side of the human psychology.

Then later this year, encouraged by ample time and idling mind, I suddenly thought about the experiment again. I reckon that the movie might be based on an actual experiment and true as I suspected it was. The experiment was known as Stanford Prison Experiment and was conducted by an academician by the name of Philip Zimbardo. Later searches also linked me to Dr. Zimbardo’s classmate, another social psychologist by the name of Stanley Milgram.

Click on the IMDb link of the movie, I am surprised to find that I felt the same way as the reviewer of the movie, I was anxiously just hoping for the movie to end, as if I was one of the prisoners myself, constantly looking at my watch, fear gripped me as I waited helplessly for the movie to end.


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December 13, 2007 at 9:43 am

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