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This blog has inevitably become a personal blog. But what the heck, all of you visiting here at some point might have been my friend, so hello to all of you.

Writing for blog has become non-obligatory for me, I used to obliged myself to write, even if I don’t have any update or how mundane the things that I will be writing on. As long as I write.

Same old, same old I guess- this will be the part that I will be telling how work has starting to really kickoff and I don’t have time to write- You know it’s bullshit; you will always have time to do what you like, it is just whether that you choose to prioritize it or you don’t.

I have not even written on my trip to Sarikei, though Chee Chiong, my wonderful host there has mailed me the pix that he and I took along my trip there with his camera phone. Maybe on that later. Maybe never.

I will be back to KL on the weekend, in fact, my flight would be in a few hours away. I will be back fro Amnesty International Annual General Meeting (AGM). The members have already voted, so we would see who will be heading the Board of Governance for this coming term. I was made the convener for the Kuching group but it was clearly a set-up as the previous convener has waaay past his limit being chair, and they poked out the young turk, who has just joined the club a few months back. But it was mu loudmouth all the way, I set myself up more than anybody setting me up.

The tickets have been booked, the dates have been tentatively confirmed. I will be tagging along Carburetor Dung’s tour to Indonesia, this coming May. As roadie (though we are taking flights there) cum coolie cum videobitch. The schedule is roughly drawn as such: more info at Ricecooker:

02nd May – Bandung
03rd May – Bogor
04th May – hang-out!
05th May – Bekasi
06th May – hang-out some more!
07th May – Depok
08th May – be a bunch of tourists!
09th May – Yogyakarta
10th and/or 11th May – Jakarta

I am intending to come out with a(n) (academic) paper for this tour. But I just have to sit my ass down and not running everywhere with scissors, and pay my fullest attention in prepping the theoretical framework and whatnot. I have been doing random readings, but the classes are really occupying all my time to actually sit down and focus on it (That and some alcohol soaked nights- weekday nights). Wish me luck.

There you go, some updates for those of you who care. Parents will be coming over on 13th next month till the 17th, so will be bringing them for a tour. Got some of the plans drawn out and took leave from work already. I really need to get myself a camera.

P/S: Am addicted to feel good movie, if you haven't already, go watch Juno  and Little Miss Sunshine.  It's full of Awesome-nesses.

Written by yuenkokleong

February 29, 2008 at 1:10 am

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