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Bought a new camera. Wohoo!

Hope that I will pour some effort to take pics and upload some here.

Sarikei pics and post, from BEFORE the Chinese New Year, will be uploaded soon.

I promise.

I love to make promise that eventhough sometimes I doubt whether I could fulfill. So that I stretch myself TO DO MORE. A friend of mine here told me how I like to take up so many things at one time that I end up not having enough time to do it all, that the results for every endeavor might get better only if I focus on lesser things & spend more time on each.

My view is that I know how I am if I am idle. If I don’t have anything, or little thing to do that is not urgent, I will slack off. So my way of preventing myself from being lazy is to assign myself with many, many, many tasks- so that I have one work after another, in a work queue that’s neverending- so that I have no time to rest, and thus, forget about the prospect of resting.

Among others, this is what I have been doing:


Help me to promote the event to any friends who lives in Kuching. Thanks.

Cem, stop laughing at the NGO-ness of me joining Amnesty. It’s the only channel that I have to do something here bro. Starting a new collective is really an uphill task here.

Stay tuned folks!


Written by yuenkokleong

April 4, 2008 at 12:53 am

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