Tibetan Protest Photos

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There were so many events happened throughout the history of human existence that could have been prevented if there was more attention and aid being given by the mass public. The dire consequences in Rwanda for example, where the estimated death toll reached 1 million, could have been prevented or at least, reduced, if the international community took prompt action in preventing further abuse of human rights.

This is an urgent announcement of the state of human rights violation in China. Please proceed to the link illustrating the calamitious state, and do something on your individual of collective capacity to criticize the inhumane Human Rights violation happening there. Links:

Wikileaks Tibetian Protest page (1) and (2): pictures and videos censored by the Chinese Public Security Bureau (Warning: Contains graphical images of killed protester)

Students for a Free Tibet: Featuring live feed on the protest following the Olympic torch. And lots of first hand account on the conditions at the streets of Tibet and elsewhere.

Wikipedia entry on Tibetian Unrest

Pictures of the Execution of Tibetans by the Chinese Forces

Write a letter, boycott Beijing Olympics, demonstrate your concern.

Act NOW.


Written by yuenkokleong

April 22, 2008 at 11:03 am

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