Stopping Production, Starting Consumption

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Written this a  while back, so the decision is not abrupt or anything.  Just need to focus on other things in my life now..rather than on amateur writing like this..

“Have you watch this movie (insert title here) by (insert director’s name here)?”

“Have you read this book (insert title here) by (insert writer’s name here)?”

Nothing saddens me more than answering ‘No’ to two questions above, especially if it is a classic or a must see/read movie/book. Especially when I know the name of the work and the people producing it but never consumed the work before.

I have a long list of movies and books that I really wanted to watch and read. Talking with William, who had the privilege of starting early on reading (and having inherited family treasure in the form of a mini-library) really frustrates me when the issue popped up. I just had so many to keep up.

Starting late is one factor. But what is more discouraging is of course the lack of access to the good stuffs. Yes, things got better now with second-hand bookstores, multinational bookstores and savvy movie pirates but there are still so many gaps here and there- You have to be really lucky to find things that you want. You only go and get stuffs among those offered, not what you intend to get.

You can imagine how appalled I am when I see people who think that they know everything- especially young Malaysian out there. Yes, YOU. Who are comfortable in their small little world, enveloped in their bubble of ignorance. Who thinks that their social affairs and relationships and what happen to this guy or gal at her workplace/class falls into the list of important matters that requires as much attention as, say, the violence that is happening at Sudan or Tibet.

These bunch of kids (and adults, but I am using the term kid to be compatible with their state of mind) who thrives on trivias on My Chemical Romance, enjoy the jokes of Rudy and JJ or Ean at, following the latest gossip on Rihanna religiously and think that a acoustic cover of Umbrella would be a cool thing to perform, these bunch of kids that thinks that their problem with their boyfriend/ girlfriends need to be told to the world in return of a dosage of sympathy just pisses me off.

Yeah, sure, everybody have the right to choose what they want to indulge in. That in order to live in harmony I should tolerate this kind of bullshit. I DON’T and I WON’T.

Blame it on the society. Blame it on their peers. Their parents, even. Look around you and you will see how the society has dumb down. The mass media. It is reciprocal- the content would be determined by the media- thus determining what people will watch, read or listen to but at the same time too, the public determined what they want to consume and thus, as a result, determined what they media will portray. True to a certain extent.

The breakfast show on for example- just look at the quality of jokes and social commentary (if any) that they provide. Gone were the days of the eloquent and smart thinking Flyguy and Lil’ Kev. Came this bunch of suburb middle class Subang Jaya brainless teenage with their Nike Airmax, big white T-shirt looking like something out of Radioactive shop and baggy jeans. They irritate me. And don’t get me started on their stupid dumbfucks ‘Public Service Announcements’ that totally misses the point on the message that supposed to be conveyed in the first place. This stupid obsession with sub-quality songs by Che’nelle ‘s “ I Fell in Love with the DJ” makes me ashamed being born in this era. And in this country. Fuck all of them. No wonder the youth kept on being scapegoated. It is because of people like that, portraying the young ones as no-brainers.

Ok, shut off the radio. We’ll try to see what we have on TV.

Same time slot. Breakfast show. What do we have now?

Out of all the stations available in the whole country (not including 8TV as we folks at Sarawak do not receive the transmission), NTV 7 thrives of being at least, to a certain degree, out of relativity as compared to the others available, more social-conscious concept. But that was then. The downward spiral came when they start to feature frequently the deadly combo of two hosts- one, a bimbo by the name of Elaine Daly and another posterboy favorably being referred with the initial J.T. Or was it J.C. I don’t know. I don’t feel like elaborating further. Go watch yourself- the clever commentary that Miss Elaine would provide and the over-the-top look-at-me maneuvers kerang busuk grin and flailing arms of Mr J.T. or J.C.- how much effort does it take to pronounce one’s full name anyway?

There you go- the dumbing down of the mass public through brainless media. The situation is only getting worse day-by-day. That’s why they call it pop culture anyway- easily bite-size and digestible by the mass public. The ratings are going to go down if you decide to air some content that needs effort to understand. After all, what beats having brainless entertainment after a hard day of work eh? You fulfilled your quota of thinking solving problem at your workplace anyway right?

Saying all that, I also want to emphasize the point that it has been very long that I have flooding this media- the Internet, with my uneducated and misinform opinion pieces. I do not wish to go on. At least not for now, hence the title- Stopping Production, Starting Consumption. I am not going to stop thinking- I realize the notion of consumption to a certain degree connotes brainless indulgence- but rest assured, I am picking the things that I consume. There are too many things to catch up.

I am going to delete my blog. This blog. I will have something around, but it would not be in the same personal sense as this blog. I have been at Sarawak for more than half a year now- there is not much novelty in seeing things around me anymore, unless I am going to trips to the rural areas- which I would write and contribute at other spaces. I would also want to focus more on my career. To be an academician. And I shall put my fullest effort in writing towards that end. Having a blog has a certain constant nagging effect on updating it.

It has been wonderful having this blog and receiving comments. I will see you all again someday, sometime at some other place, other space and other time.

Good luck in whatever endeavor you are venturing to.

It has been good, I have settled in this place, I very much contend with my life now, talked about it with so many friends of how I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I am very happy here and definitely this would be the place that I could see myself settling down at.

Sure, I will miss the occasion weddings (as I already do now), funerals, events, gigs and whatnots in the peninsular, but so am I missing all the things happening at the rest of the world.  I felt very peaceful here, a conducive environment for me to achieve my self-attainment.  Funny if we look at it spatially, of how I found my haven so far away from the place I originally called home.  Shah Alam is still home, mom and dad and sis and all being there..but it’s just aren’t the same.  The home here is the one that I chose by choice, not by heredity.  Maybe mom and dad could come over and live here someday, since they like it so much the last time they were here.  Wouldn’t be a problem with dad, with the prices of beer so obscenely cheap and easily available here.  He’d always say that he wants to settle in a calm, rural-sih place.  Would be more problem with mom though, since she’s the urban nyonya who loves her shopping and dining out.  But we have Spring and countless posh yuppie eating place around to satiate here.  At least she can go to Semenggoh to visit her favourite orang utans less than an hour drive away.

I missed mom and dad.  It was funny when I had my tattoo, that during a stage that I thought of them- and how the thought of them kept me calm and took my mind away from the throbbing needles.  Haha.  Mommy’s boy.

So this is it.  The last posting.  It was great while it lasted.  I will be writing elsewhere, like I’ve mentioned.  Either in the form of academic paper, ‘zine or ‘zine article contribution, with countless nom de plume.  If you have been keepiing track of my way of writing, it’s not to hard to spot my writing..


Written by yuenkokleong

June 20, 2008 at 9:00 am

Posted in Days at Sarawak

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  1. awwwww….. =(
    no more stalking on yuen yuen… hmmmmm…
    anyways.. as much as i hate you stop blogging, i know this has to end somehow…

    just wanna say i will keep stalking you IRREGARDLESS…. =P
    keep in touch.. (maybe in Sarawak?!)

    Christina Liew

    June 22, 2008 at 7:23 am

  2. Yeah, see you at Sarawak!
    Hope you get the job that you applied for!
    Keep me updated ya!


    June 27, 2008 at 3:45 am

  3. i just found your blog and you’re quitting it? what is this laa…ok, let me know if you’re posting somewhere else.

    ext 1968

    ext 1968

    July 8, 2008 at 8:56 am

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