Oh well…

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I will write on.

Since this blog has been created anyway and most of you know how to find me here.

Now bit of ranting:

I was once glued but I can no longer stomach any dosage of national political news- everybodyhave their role, we should all stop making promises and gave (false) hope, we should all just DO IT.  After the thing is done, then only we talk about it.  Like how I always come out with some (in)genius plan, tell the world about it, and then nadai.

Well things are getting a bit busy, bu thtne again, when is it not?  Am tring to form a collective with the kids here, a combo of distro, show bookings, band hosting, Tshirt & merch producing, all in one.  Might be a bit ambitious, but never try never know.  Had a meeting yesterday over Tsingtao, but attendance was not so great- expected from an impromptu arrangement like what we have done.

Conquest for Death is coming to Kuching, so kids are all excited about it, and then with Eid and all.  I still haven’t even once go to the Pasar Ramadhan here- coming back from work at 7pm when all the gerais are already bungkused.

On other update: application to further my Masters is still on progress.  I have to (have always told meself this but then…) get all my shit together.  I’m collecting this and that for the application now, waiting for referee letter from my mentor Dr Sharifah.  This woman has the most patience in the world, dealing with a over-promise, under-deliver ahole like me really tests a person.  I am lucky she still wants to talk to me, let alone helping me with things.  I have disappoint her in so many ways, it’s so embarassing to me that it is painful to talk about.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.

A bit of local update- it’s just after the burning season- one to three weeks ago all the farmers were busy burning and cleaning out plots to plant new stuffs.  It was hazy and all, but then again, it”s sustainable farming.  I was at the Fairy Cave, and on the top of the cave, one can see the view below- which looks a bit like the after math of war:

Burn mofo burn

Burn mofo burn


My list of guest is expanding in numbers: One Anarko Polish, One Anarko UK, One Activist Punk German, A Malaysian Happy Couple (Apai & Indai aku), One TTDI yuppie, One Emo/Frantic/(F)artsy girl (Twice), Two Singaporean-Malaysian (or Malaysian Singaporean?) and coming soon: one Singaporean Feminist-Distro-ist-Activist.  and another one in another extreme: Malaysian working at Singapore corporate financial organisation.  And another Microbiologist based at Kajang/ Serdang.  Hoho.

Anda bila lagi?


Written by yuenkokleong

September 22, 2008 at 4:13 am

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  1. dude,remember that we were talking bout just goin to jakarta and hanging out..joe plans the same for like 3-4 days..so when do you find the rite time will be?


    September 22, 2008 at 4:29 am

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