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Luckily haven’t dwell on Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities.

Now have to read on Base and Superstructure by who else but Marx.


So many things to read and learn.  It seems like forever to draw up the ‘actual’ proposal- (the one for application is my seminar paper altered to be a proposal, I cannot write that long for a proposal, yet again, I am going to discuss again and maybe change huge chunk of it after this anyway…)

Short random updates from this point on.

Received an email asking about the local issues here.  I have become a sceptic and a ‘ends justifies the means’ kind of person in this sense.  I don’t want to entertain unless there is a strong commitment.  I had enough of people ask, and then do their ‘advocacy’ and no follow up on issues.  Here’s what I said in the reply:

“What can you guys do about it, before I gave you more information?  How far can you go on this and what plans you have?  I am really bitter about ‘talks on Penan rights’ that ends up stroking egos and feeling bad for the Penan (or in that case, any ethnicities) but does nothing to change things for the people there.

– And some real life example I gave on some docus that I don’t want to mention here.

Should I be less sceptical?  I don’t know.  But I think all of the activist, quasi- , semi- or full time, should strat to take a stepfurther, some Post-Advocacy (read: screening, press conference, petition writing) Activism.  Work with the stakeholders.  The community.  Follow up, follow up, follow up.  Creating a project is always easy- seeing it through for years to come consistently is the hardest part that most people skip.

The bike has arrived, FINALLY.  But I think iI will let some fren who needs it more to use it..while I use another nicer bike that I loan!  Wohoo!  (It means now that I have 3 bikes for my disposal)


Written by yuenkokleong

September 23, 2008 at 4:08 am

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