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As usual, my ‘I wanna comment on the news oso’ blog entry:

1) RPK sent to ISA for two years (The Star) (NST).  I predict a riot hartal.  There should be.

2) Stupid gomen being strict at inappopriate situation.  Why they always fuck us up?  And why does the bloody Ahmad is still free, if they are so ‘strict’.  They can always be count on to make the most unpopular moves.

Don’t all of us just fed-up and tired with all this bullshit.  I regretted I read the news today.  Damn.  What a waste of energy, it sucks out the good part of your chakra.

And finally the most devastating news today:

3) White Rabbit Creamy Candy is listed as one of the products banned in the recent China dairy product’s ban fest.  Damn.  What a disgrace, it was a good rabbit.  I want to reminisce the good times with those, but I’m sure everyone has their moments in the past with it before.  I suddenly crave for the candy.


Written by yuenkokleong

September 23, 2008 at 9:09 am

Posted in News spews

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