Random facts for today- Iban Marriage

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According to Iban Adat (Customary Law), you can get married by doing a ceremony called Bebiau or Melah Pinang (compare to the Malay saying: Pinang dibelah dua:- Iban are the proto-Malays anyway, any similarities with the Malay would not surprise me that much).  But that, if you have the money and the capability.

Or else, from the adat, I quote: “if a man lies with a woman for 6 nights in a row he they (sic) are deemed to be husband and wife but must report to Tuai Rumah”.  That is if you are poor or simply a cheap bastard.   But cool eh?  Better than all this long Chinese ceremony of raiding the bride’s house, serving the tea, the gazilliion course wedding dinner.  At least you have a choice in the adat to make it big, or make it simple.  It’s YOUR wedding anyway riht, not your mom’s pop’s aunt’s uncle’s nana’s gramps’s cousin’s etc etc…

Then, marriage will not feel like such a big commitment.

6 days my friends. (Unfortunately Adat Iban only apply if BOTH the male and female are Iban.  Haha.)


Written by yuenkokleong

September 25, 2008 at 5:14 pm

Posted in Days at Sarawak

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