Like that bruise on the roof of your mouth

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Trivial, but irritating, that you can’t it off your mind, that tounging it would make it worse but you can’t help occupying your mind on it, stroking the problem but nowhere near solving it.

I am sick and tired sometimes.

Of all those people, that by themselves I haver no problem, but because they occupy themselves to trivial small matters sometimes it spills into your life, and then you are expected, and to a certain extent, obligated to solve it.

You feel like sometimes wacking someone’s face and ask them to LET GO!  It’s a small thing and why do you need to break your head over it.  There are some more big issues out there that needs our attention.  The drama.  Oh, Please!

I got sucked in to one of those recently.  I was alleged something rather serious in the allegations, but all as an effect of things blown out of proportion.  Just one conclusion that I want to make here: It is not worthy to be buddy-buddy with the students.  Period.  I’ve learnt my lessons.

On other news, I-H.A.V.E.-F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.-S.U.B.M.I.T.T.E.D.-M.Y.-A.P.P.L.I.C.A.T.I.O.N.  Sigh.  It seems like forever, but when you do it, you wonder why didn’t you do it earlier.  There.  But another big hurdle on the funder’s side.  The bigger hurdle to cross.

Busy with all these things alone,  my extra-curricular collectives and networking and what not, I wonder that people who alleged me on doing Baaaadddd things actually know how my time is filled with work.  Like, not everybody are like them with time to speculate and create drama.  Oh please!

It really left a very bitter taste.

Like people would think that I would jeopardize my career for something silly like how they speculate?  They don’t know how much I love my job man.  I work everyday from (sometimes) 6am to (all the time) 7pm, more than everyone else, not because I have to, because I love to, Dumbass.  You think I have time for anything else (except my beer)?  Sigh.  I felt so down, even after the cold coffee shower.

Don’t feel the need to explain to anyone.  Just feel like venting it out.  Explanation would only feed the gossip circles.  Keep your teenage drama away from me.  Puhlease.



Written by yuenkokleong

September 30, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Posted in Emo

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