Carpe diem

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It’s not that I don’t want to update.  I have already resized all the pictures of all my past major trips into the heart of Sarawak Borneo (Borneo is HUGE mind you, if we are to compared with your puny Peninsular Malaysia filled with racist, language extrimist and Machiavellian politicians).  I do think to a certain extent, Borneo has a right to be it’s own nation (and I will apply for the citizenship here to help build the country, the Dayak wannabe as I am).  The Celcom broadband that I have been paying RM 68.00 per month do not permit me to upload them pics up- plus, I have a big albums.

The country is going to nowhere I am telling you.  I don’t even bother read the news (OK, I do, but with I couldn’t-care-less mode by default).  Other things on news, either at Motherland Borneo or Peninsular more or less revolves around people being chopped, sprinkled with chilli powder, by-elections (damn, politics again), floods, people being sued, MACCs (argh!), cars and cows, war war and more war around the world.  Culture of fear and pessismism is thriving indeed.

Life goes on, seizing every moment that I could, thus the cliched term (could terms be cliched?  Yes it can, read: Anjakan Paradigma in the 90’s and Tsunami for the 2000’s).  It has been great, like what I repeatedly told whoever I met how I loved it here.  I just can’t wait to properly settle down here- get my own place, restoring equilibrium so that I could go on full speed in my career.

Yes, seize the day.  And be happy.  One member of the punk rock band Not OK from Australia that stop by Kuching as one of their tour leg has a tattoo on his wrist of a wristwatch, which the face of the watch, written in capital letters “NOW”.  I am not sure whether that is a a surfacey joke, but I interpret it being deep, that “The Time is Now”, the RATM”s line of “What better place than here?  What better time than NOW?”.

Just sent a guest back to Peninsular happy and drunk.  He summed it up with one sentence: “Sarawak is not Malaysia man!”  So I rest my case.

Current obsession of mine: Aluminum unibody Macbook 13″.  Mmight blew my whole saving getting one.  Maybe the next time I update the blog I would be with a Mac Machine.  Unten-maschine yo!

Gotta do my laundry now (Yes, still washing with hands- that’s why I can’t wait to settle down).  I love 3 day weekends!  The trade unions should suggest 4 working day weeks, if we wanna be ‘developed’ like Europe- so that people have more time to soak themselves with the Malaysia politic telenovelas!  Or indulge with consumerist lifestyle to boost up the economy!


Written by yuenkokleong

March 9, 2009 at 11:37 am

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  1. yuen, have u pujuk your parents to stay in sarawak?


    March 10, 2009 at 10:40 am

  2. Tak payah pujuk..
    Diorang memang mau settle kat sini..


    March 10, 2009 at 11:04 pm

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