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pardon the typo and grammatical errors. No time to edit. Quick gonzo word regurgitation.

It is worth thinking how a lot of notions that surrounds a certain thing.  That most things eventually becoming a concept.  Or as anologous to what The Wise Woman ™  say, how things starts with hearsays and rumours then eventually making their way to be accepted as fact.  Applied to a bigger context here..

The makings of a concept:

Imagine traits as being little pegs attached to something (our subject matter here).  For a person, it could be: introvert/extrovert, altruistic/selfish, cooperative/antagonistic etc etc etc.  For say, a fastfood restaurant it could Finger Lickin Good, Colonel Sanders, Original Recipe, Golden Arch.  All exhaustively but not mutually exclusive forms our concept.  It is highly personal, for McDonald’s could mean different thing for a yuppie as opposed to anti-globalization anarchists.  it is also subjected to the success of hegemony (Gramsci) propagated by the authorities and the media.  The summation of these little pegs embodies the meanings of our concepts.

Concepts here could be anything.  A person could be a concept: Obama, Backdoor Saiful, RPK, Uri Geller, Abbie Hoffman.  So does a corporation (refer: brand building): Coca Cola, AIG (see how the ‘traits’ changed by current events). An event: Tiananmen Square massacre, My Lai, Dresden bombing.  A space: Bau-bau Cafe, Speakers corner, the small space under the tree at Perak. So on and so forth. Fuck, everything’s a concept when people attach values to anything, inanimate objects and whatnots.

Postmodernists would take off one by one of theses pegs and analyse it.  deconstructivist will analyse each pegs and study the relation of the pegs in constructing the meaning/knowledge/significance of the concept.  (To Kelvin: Lalala~  =))

Apa tok, duhal mok klaka pasal snuker jak..

(Malas mau tulis lagi, lain kali sambung)


Nolah, saja je.  Actually just as an opening of how I reminesce the times when I played snooker everyday at Sri Muda with Wai Kit.  I just finished my Form Five and suddenly back at Shah Alam from Pahang before continuing with my Form Six, while Wai kit finished his Form Six on the way to the uni.

Both of us, on bike, would cycle to the snooker center at a shop at the same row as San Tai Ka (Sri Kota Kopitiam) everyday to play snooker.  Both of us have minimal amount of money (no school, no pocket money) but we will still go and patronise them sooker parlors.  There’s one that we go cause its cheap but sure as hell, you get what you pay for.  The table’s fucked with L-shaped tear on the carpet and the side of the table full of cigaratte stick scarring.  The cues are always sticky as a result of some Lucky player’s (money-at-stake anxiousness-induced) sweaty palm.  They provide bedak (talcum powder) to solve the stickiness.  Ew.

There’s this pattern that we follow.  We would go around noon- 1pm-2pm-ish then usually end around 4pm-ish and would later go and have our Chinese tea in teapot (cheap and refillable-average 4 times we tambah air panas every visit- until the colour of the tea is almost gone).  We were so broke that sometimes we will hutang the snooker parlor’s boss, so that we at least have some money for our chinese tea.  And a small pack of Pall Mall light (10 sticks) that we will finish along our chui sui (blow saliva) session at the kopitiam (NTS).

The boss of the snooker parlor was so cool with us (I guess because we spent our little fortune there everyday) so on top of the ability to defer our snooker table charges we also sometimes pau his Dunhill cigarettes. Now how cool is that?

The shop is now a famous char siew shop with it’s idiosyncratic char siew specially named as Poh Lei Char Siew (Glass Char Siew).

That, my firend, was how I used to be the Grand Masta Sexay of Snooker.


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March 31, 2009 at 9:35 am

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  1. I need a beer lah..


    April 2, 2009 at 1:37 am

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