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Watched this two video:

And it got me thinking, and this thought is not new to me, but basically I sum the obeservation into two:

1) People have a lot of time in their hands

Yes, think about how many videos that you have seen that people have been devoting time to make videos that needs a lot of time to choreograph?  The time that these people took to perfect their presentation?  What does it say about the pop culture these days?  Is youtube fitting perfectly amongst the boredom beleagured suburbians?

To view it from an economic/non-economic motives POV- it will always boils down to, yes, economic ends.  People might write something/chereograph a dance or whatever in the beginning for self-interest.  However, there will always be a need for recognition and fame, which directly or indirectly will bring to economic benefits (refer: Yuna, Kokokaina)- record deals, DIY tote/plush toys, website Tshirts, ads etc etc.

*Which captures the basis of how Web 2.0 would be successful- self-serving selfish needs that bring upon collective benefits (e.g. Rabiah Amit contributing an article on Kek Lapis Sarawak and later on attaching external link to her Kek Lapis website)- which made articles on Kek Lapis available with the motivation provided by ambiguos economic benefits.

2) Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 in Web 2.0

This thought is still a thought-on-progress, about a few things- the evolution of the appearance of video sites especially youtube, analogical to the evolution of the Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 -that the contents become more and more user oriented as the time goes by. How in the beginning the function serves more to exhibit corporate produced- funny/banned ads, music videos, excerpts from World’s/Animal Funniest Videos (masses oriented, but produced by corporation nonetheless) contents to be more ‘people’ produced contents (Lonelygirl 15 phenomena).

*- marked paragraph above applicable here as well

Same same but different. Internet did not provide what the marketers/corporations thought it would be in the beginning, thus brought the fall that results in Internet Bubble Burst.  However, it morph into something else.  It provides the window to the masses thought for one, for corporations to exploit later. It wasn’t as straightforward as they thought it would be, as the internet fuctions differently from the traditional one way media (read: TV, radio) but slowly but surely, the wolves are learning their ways to make use of this new tool.  One more video that is related:

David Gaunlett’s Participation culture, creativity, and social change

More readings at

Digressing again. Enjoy the video.  Sorry if you have read till here.


Written by yuenkokleong

April 14, 2009 at 12:13 pm

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