Edited: Keningau, Sabah: A hastily written ‘report’ that wouldn’t do the gig any justice.

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Hell yeah. To summarise it all, it was an awesome trip. Like all the punk hospitality that you can find anywhere in the world- well, places that I have been so far- I’m saying this not to play down the hospitality, making it appear like ‘oh just another punk hospitality’- I am saying in the sense that the solidarity among all the punks across all the scenes (I am guilty of assuming homogeneity here) makes it feels like everywhere’s home.

Here we go: Took flight from Kuching with Eric Florentius Malinggi- wrote the full name because he has a cool name. Word! And basically stayed with him at his home at Papar. It was great hospitality and me being the one who knows how to push the button, commented on the great food that the parents prepared and Bam! Instant ‘Likeable Points’ yo!  +10 in the Mana pool! The dad was impressed I like his soup (which I honestly enjoyed) and he brought the whole pot out with one full severed pig head (on the verge of Swine Flu outbreak that time), no cuts anywhere, the pig looks like it’s sleeping calm as a Hindu cow in the pot.  He handed me a fork and a knife, asking me to carve the fucker and taste it, thinking that I have never tasted head pig before. I obligingly did. Yum.

First night basically we went to KK to Moes Studio to see the four bands jam, good times- familiar faces, some that I have not see for a long time- Rico, Akhdan and the Bear Brigadeers (named after the gang’s favourite beer- Bear Beer- which I like the Bad Ass Alcofiend™ strength- 12 percent alcohol- taste like cough syrup). Then we had a drink at the Philippine Market and walked back to the hotel. Then hangout for a while, had a few shots of BS (Bombay Sapphire) before following Eric back.

I have to say this though. I didn’t make the best out of the trip because I stayed with Eric.  Which of course I appreciate the hospitality- but the boy needs me as a convenient alibi to go out- so most of the time rather than hanging out fukked wasted till morning which i really wanted to, I had to follow him back as the parents a bit paranoid with the car. I just don’t know why. I even missed meeting up with Miss Dairy there, which I achingly wanted to, but couldn’t as I was trapped at Papar- and that place don’t have cab at night and Eric and his brother doesn’t seem like willing to send me to town. Fucking bummer la.  I missed out so many action.

Bygones. Eric if you somehow reading this, I love you man, don’t get me wrong. Muahs.

We head to Keningau the next day- Eric’s mem (that’s what they call moms there, or boss for dad, or beliau for both) brought me to eat this freakking good wantan mee that I have not been having any good one for a very long time (rest assured, on the last day we went again) before sending us to our rendezvous at Malar Inn where the Bear Brigade stays. Near Petagas, if I am not mistaken. After some delay, waiting at the hotel room for the drunkards to wake up (later found out they drank till 7am) we left for Keningau at 12pm- boarding bas mini (14 passanger vans) instead of the bus as there are many of us and we could not wait till 1 pm. The ride was hell, thanks to my long legs- the view was superb, the heat almost unbearable- but I have experienced worse (read: 8 hours economy class train ride from Jogja to Jakarta).

We stop to eat at KFCC (Keningau Food Court Center- with free Wi-Fi but they charge your ass if you need to use the electricity) before heading to the venue, slightly outside the Keningau metropolitan city. One lemon chicken rice and two big bottles of Tiger later, we head to Hillview Resort, the venue. The Brigadeers were picked up with a Bas Mini while me and Eric hopped on with Well. 10 minutes later we arrive the venue.

As with all the events in Malaysia, organiser never fail to start late- and so is the crowd that catchup much later.  It was a blast, Sabah crowd is simply awesome. Singalongs, raised fists, (almost) neverending circle-pits and I have to say it was Sarjan Hassan’s set that brought the house down. Eric remarked later “All the kids here start to participate in the scene with thrash. And most of them start with Sarjan Hassan”- so I guess this is a sort of homecoming for Sarjan Hassan that they themselves didn’t know. Anyone who see how the crowd response to the their set will not doubt that.  The response were as great for other Bear Brigade bands- xCrimescenex whom performed last and Suara Anak Muda, with local vocal Akhdan both came close second. And Sophie Sweet Fuck set was great and eye opening for myself as it was the first time I saw them performing.  Very refreshing from all out thrash and grind- which though I could digg, but not much my cup of tea. Me mellow taste bud are more into more melodic stuffs. Which Sophie’s set proved to be Fucking Sweet.

Face of Decay was ripping awesome and of course Kill Our Leader with Cichie on the drums and backing vocals at the same time. It was unfortunate that Arah Kiri could not perform as I really, really, really wanted to see them live.  I missed Uncensored set which I very much regretted but all in all, everyone that came had fun, langkau, beers and assortments of beverages was passed around. Good time with friends that you felt you have known your whole life. The scene here in Sabah is definitely brewing and I would to see and personally have high hopes especially for Keningau.

After the show I head to Well’s place and took shower before later regroup at Kak Ning to eat with the rest. There were some plans flying around- it was a two venues ultimatum- either to hangout at the hotel with the Brigade or head with the local boys at Baja’s where they have stocked up some liquid arsenal.

By the time I arrive there were already at least 5 naked guys sat around a table. My heart skips a beat, I gulped my saliva and prepare myself mentally for the inevitable carnage that I will go through.  I was made to say an oath which then I have to do everything with my left hand- using right hand for anything is considered a punishable act and one would be made to choose either two shots of Longhouse (Murut traditional drink) or lose an item of clothing. Owh, I have just signed myself a contract without reading the fine print.

Game goes on, but I refuse to take off anything and take it like a man- I drank. As a self-promoted representative from Sarawak I knew I have to at least put on a good fight before I gigit meja.  The drink was pleasant and like Wan said, it’s like Malaga/Air Anggur. I wish they have it here at Kuching. So long story short, a few rounds later, I went up to chill with Mimin (Mati Katak) and Cichie upstairs.  Few minutes later, lo and behold, commotion downstairs. I looked from the balcony and there was an Iswara police patrol car. A few minutes later, another Wira patrol car pull in front of Baja’s house.  Rezare went to greet the uninvited guest- they know their line and did not try to enter. And I was taking picture all the way with my camera.

One police saw me taking pictures from the balcony and summon me to see him. I went down the balcony and left my camera at the staircase. Apparently the men in uniforms are all very camera shy people and dislike their picture being taken. So he asked to see my handphone- which of course I have no problem showing and he asked to see the gallery. So I showed him a few pictures of Miss Dairy that I took of her when she ate sloppy burger at J&J and I told him how I miss her. He was pleased with such wonderful sight of my gorgeous girlfriend and let me off, but only after some harassment: I refused to Bluetooth it to him. Cheeky bastard.

Party goes on for a while as everybody’s mood was killed and plans to head to nightspots were made.  I was not really into the idea, preferring to talk instead, you know, rather than trapped in a noisy place with possible fighters (local troublemakers known for their ability to, well, fight) around. We went to the venue, chat a little, show some face, then we head back to Well’s as we have plans to explore Keningau a little tomorrow.

The next day we met the the Brigade when we saw them at Samudra and later sent them to the bus stand and said our goodbyes.  We later head to the morning tamu as Eric wanted to get tuhau– what I made as a concoction from a plant that looks like bunga kantan and was said to be vegan.  We head back to KK at 4pm with a bus later and the journey only took an hour as we stopped at Papar, which is on the middle of the way from Keningau to KK.

That night I have dinner with Eric’s family- the three brothers, one with a wife and a daughter, another with the girlfriend and the rock and roll-est one, by himself and his beliau. Had some great food but at the same time felt bad that I couldn’t see Miss Dairy that night. we talked on the phone and she was unhappy but I wasn’t in the situation where I could see her.

The next day we went to Karamunsing as Eric wanted to get some dye (see! this whole trip consists of following him running his errand and doing things he wanted to do!).  Met up with August, Eko, Am, Noh and Asrul. They bought some stuffs from me and later sent me and Eric near Karamunsing where his mem picked us up to the airport for our departure to K-town.

It was a weekend well spent.  The amount of bundle spots there are numerous and I was looking to tartan shirt but couldn’t get one- again, we went because Eric wanted to get hoodies (see!). Which he already have a few and got two of them subsequently. That’s it, next time I will travel alone, at least with someone who are less demanding- you suck Eric, just joking. Well, half. Haha.

The scene there is simply amazing and my guesstimation would be if to combined all the scene around- Keningau, KK, Tuaran and Ranau- it would easily reach at least 500 DIY HC Punk (usage of phrase as an umbrella term for the DIY music scene) kids. It was like a wet dream to me that I even kept an intention to get myself a job at UMS and work with the scene there. Plus, ehem, the gorgeous sumandaks there (What? Can’t one be honest in his own blog?). I am just jokinggg Miss Dairy. Well, half. Haha.

Lazy to upload many pics la- so here’s a few from my camera, others are all peppered in Myspace.


Crimescene jamming at Moes- first night.


Me toying with air gun at Eric’s.  I hit the mineral water bottle target 10 meters away.


Wan Hazril (in yellow) are almost impossible to wake. That’s me watching Indonesian telenovela waiting for the Brigade to get ready- they were efficient in time management and keeping up with the schedule… Not (this is an example of Not joke, Borat, FYI)


More waiting.


Yusth Sabiron (Suara Anak Muda)  with Akhdan (Suara Anak Muda) and Hassan (xcrimescenex)


Anip Sawai (Sophie Sweet Fuck). Ai Miss Yiu.


Hillview Resort, Kiningau


T-shirts on sale


Wan Hazril (Sophie Sweet Fuck)


Sweaty punk boys. Yum!


More sweaty punk boys! Double yum!


Raise your hand in the ay-ar. And wave it like you just don’t care-ya.


Valuables deposit counter for moshing boys.


NSFW: Naked boys. Triple yum!


Riot Vans. Men with truncheons dressed in hats.


Me with Well in front of his cool house, Kiningau


Poking fun at Shin Chan (seated in the middle)


Eric’s mem with her catch. She was so proud of her ability to catch fish. Cute.


Earliest power violence band in Sabah- that’s Eric’s boss there on the left.

Fucking fucking major pic upload that was. Click the pic for bigger view sucka- it’s big, I was lazy to resize.

Captions later, it’s 3.50 am and I am heading to sleep now.

Peace out.


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May 2, 2009 at 3:51 am

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  1. *ehem*

    it’s really unfair. For some reason all the cute guys died during evolution, and ugly babies survived.

    Well I guess you survived by 2″, I’m joking! Haha, half.


    May 2, 2009 at 1:08 pm

  2. haha,which one is your miss dairy (or…miss dearie?)the one with the green cap ke?

    p/s: come on yuen, more ass pics, please!hehhhe :P


    May 4, 2009 at 11:39 am

  3. sourmilk: urm..thank you?

    canabiss: No lah, that one is a girl in the gig, she was taking care of stuffs for boys who went moshing.. There are more ass pics.. however putting more of it would turn my blog into a porn site.. Haha.


    May 4, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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