Free Range Kids

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Recently there have been some coverage from, a site which I frequent on Free Range Kids. It’s basically an advocacy for parents to raise their kids without fear- letting their kids play outdoors- ‘free range’- not too different to think of chickens or livestock raise in such manner- organic, natural and with a greater sense of freedom for movement.

The thesis is kids should be let out to explore the world. The current trend, with the culture of fear permeating the society expecially in the ‘western’ country and commonly in the urban areas in the world, of parents cooping up their kids in the house, preferring their kids learn through TV channels and playing video games as a means of recreation under their careful eyes- or sent to a nursery/daycare.

My take on this is what parents are doing is delaying the release of their kids to the world. As kids grow older and eventually moved out and stay on their own, or starting their own family, the ‘release’ is something eventual. But by delaying this release, the kids found themselves unable to adapt to the ‘outside world’ as they have been delayed their relase. The age of learning is over, so there are not mch leniency to learn and by a certain age they are expected to function fully as an adult. which bring us to our problem.

EDIT ADDI: And then the same ones who did this would also group as those complaining that “Owh the kids nowadays are not like how we are used to.  We were tougher back then. And street smarter”. Kembang anu aku mendengarnya. Memanglah bodoh. Dah kau tu yang sangkarkan anak kau dalam rumah tu memang la diorang tu jadi dungu. Kawan diorang komputer. Antibodi lemah nak mampos pasal tak pernah kena cacing kerawit (tak macam si langkau di bawah). Lepas tu kau nak membebel cakap diorang tak macam kau dulu. Dah cara kau besarkan dia macam Tamagochi, takpun watak game the Sims.  Apa yang kau expect?

So let your kids roam the streets.

Further reading here and here.


Written by yuenkokleong

May 4, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Posted in Firing neurons

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  1. i is a product of free range. perut ku uncacing kerawitable.


    May 5, 2009 at 10:28 am

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