General discomfort (I am writing in Pain)

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What the fuck man?

Surviving here in the fucking K-Hell, Klang (Demon) Be(Va)ll(e)y.

I am in a situation where if you read some prescribed drugs, in a condition that they say ‘general discomfort’. Serba tak kena. You feel that something’s wrong, something amiss. Always in an agitated, irritated mood. Like your body pumping adrenaline non-stop till it’s beat. Like the cramps you have at the first sight of a major traffic jam and all the way through the ordeal.

And it is fucking taking it’s toll. Feel like fuck yesterday, because I holed up the whole day at home. Feel like fuck today, because I am around the bloody campus the whole day, afraid that if I leave my precioussssss parking lot (which I appear at 7.00 am for a 8.00 am class just to get). And it’s taking it’s toll, I irritated my favourite woman as well.

Oh yeah, out of three class, only one not cancelled. Again the same shit. The whole week last week and it farking continue to this week. What the fark happened to professionalism man? It’s ok (not that farking OK, I am farking being oh-so-farking-modest here) that at least I do it full time (but have to farking drive 30 km at 6 am) but there are some older brother here who have to take leave from work- don’t mess with those guys man- they all have like, 5 kids and shit man and doing it part time- as if it is not hard as it is, don’t they deserve some explanation?

Farrrkkkkk!!! Get me outta here!!! I wanna go back to Kusing! To motherland Borneo! Farrrkkkkkkkk (fist clenching hair).


Written by yuenkokleong

July 16, 2009 at 5:55 pm

Posted in Emo

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  1. Geez man… Pump the brake! Pump the brake! Btw, I am here in the city already. Puchong to be exact. Yeah, the traffic is crazy. And the haze.. WOW! No sun! Yeah, I understand the pain of living in the city.. Sabar k. :)


    July 16, 2009 at 8:53 pm

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