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New bloggie up!

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Well it still needs tweaking. It looks cluttered and not exactly comfortable to read, especially the long postings that will come your way.

However, this is a one time deal that I would provide the link. Either you will get it, or you willnot. Update ur links people.

This blog would eventually be close for public and be buried in the catacombs of internet graveyard of dormant blogs.

As you would read from the blog, that would be the type of writing to come. No time for emo and personal boo hoo’s hullaballoo now (if got also dun wanna show u all me vulnerable side, Hmpf!).

You can now visit it here


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August 5, 2009 at 11:21 pm

My (new) humble abode

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In the room because the other spaces is just… Empty.

Checkout the wrestling worthy folded chair! The almost Mondrian free carpet!

Somehow the view out of the window looks like full of greens. It’s not. The apartment is next to a freaking highway OK, I am experiencing the perils of urbanization while learning Marx, Weber and Durkheim. How about that?

Need to scavenge for discarded furniture and wooden boxes. I am done buying for things. Some are embarrassingly from THAT Swedish brand. Guess which one?

Wanna upload the pics of my two wheelers, but the line damn slow la. Next time la.

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August 3, 2009 at 10:06 pm

The loudmouth goes to the dentist

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The new blog is taking time to take shape. Yes, I want abandon this one, for the embarrassment of, let me be honest, of the URL. How unoriginal. And WordPress don’t have the option of changing the URL as you like, unlike Blogger or Tumblr.

So yeah, I went to the dentist, just, after Goat knows how long. Since primary school I think, when they have those dentist, sponsored by Colgate, to come over and give us teeth check. Which surely don’t need much fixing back then. I mean, how bad can your teeth be at that age right? Unless your mom gives you candy buffet daily at home, or you goes by the name of Hansel or Gretel.

Cheek-y (about to be ripped open) bastard me answered, when asked by the receptionist, the purpose. I told: Overhaul. Which painfully (later and soon) proven to be true. So I told the doc: you give me a overall check and we’ll see what needs to be done. Of course I don’t go to a dentist without a reason, I was feeling piercing pain already while consuming cold drinks since sometime ago-it comes and goes. I have already wanted to go visit teeth doctor when I was at the Motherland, but as I’m stuck with the whole transfer back to the West-syde hullabaloos and gobbledigooks that I need to attend to, I didn’t. Till now. Another sharp pain last Wednesday, so I know something needs to be done.

Dentistry has the unique characteristic of being BOTH ‘medical-live-saving’ and cosmetic at the same time. You can’t say the same to, say, many other fields- plastic surgery or oncologists for e.g. ..Ok, there are plastic surgery to work on disfigurement from untoward accidents, but you know what I mean. Some say that if you can’t be a ‘real’ doctor, you become a dentist. Well, what do I know, I’m just a guy with teeth problems.

The chair. Now, I have heard all these while how the chair is a symbol of status. My friend who use did fine art used to do an art installation about chairs. And of course, from the tale of how the term ‘Chairman’ of how it first came about, back when they were wearing togas and the fella who is sitting on a chair having the most ass-kicking status. I wonder the giant chair at Geneva is actually some holier-than-thou status of those guys have being the place where the ‘Chairmans of nations’ gathers. But it only have 3 legs. Why eh Ayuk?

Yeah, sorry, I digress. The dentist chair however, for me, symbolise a totally  different thing altogether. That chair is a chair of trust my friend. Sitting on the chair is a contractual gesture of giving all your faith to the dentist. Where the dentist is God (or Goat, to each it’s own), looking down on you, with a bright halo (from the spotlight), deciding your fate, when for you to have your pain and when to have your (seemingly paradise) pauses.

I did filling for four teeth. Some ngilu induced drilling and some patching up. I actually visualize in my head slabs of plaster of paris being putted on my holes. The drilling a bit painful, but that, I believe, is nothing compared to what I will further encounter. The doc said that I need to remove, not one, but TWO of my wisdom teeth. But that is for the next visit.

Filling for four teeth: RM 195.00 (I hope that can be claimed)

Other incurring price: The shrilling pain

The experience: Priceless (as in, who the hell wants to pay for that kind of experience?)


1) If I can sit through 4 hours of pain getting my tattoos for cosmetic purpose (yes, I lied about the whole practicing the culture thing! I am just vain.) there is no reason to not to sit through my wisdom teeth removal. I rest my case.

2) The title is written so as a kind of self-imposed sentence, albeit necessary from medical point-of-view, for all the sinful things that came out from my mouth.

Next Friday 4pm: Wisdom teeth removal appoinment. Check. The removal would be on two separate occasion, one for each. Can’t I just let it rot till it fall off?

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August 1, 2009 at 11:51 am

Like you need one

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Bla bla bla

Semester started, settled down in Kajang, everything seems to be in place.

…except for the class, till this fourth week, is still being cnacelled like hell.

Various masks: from blatant absence, to meetings and seminars and conferences, bacuse all of them are oh-I-am-such-an-important-preson-that-my-job-as-a-lecturer-which-brought-me-here-today-is-only-secondary. The latest: H1N1 quarantine. All the reasons under the sun. Sick leave? C’mon! That too?Sure as hell make you feel like you are in the lowest priority of these ‘lecturers’. One is a head of programme, one is a coordinator for some international student exchange, one is a recent PeeHdee who I a sure working her way up with conferences and publishing and another, is a Director of an Institute. Urm, so guess where are we placed?

Yeah, sure you can complain. But whatever, I don’t wanna think about it, just be a hermit who keeps to himself, no more going under the limelight Mister, you know how much that brought so much trouble to you. Just be the one who provide them with fringe benefit, yeah, bring that to the table, your obsession with buying and looking for books and share with them, yes, that’s the role you’ll partake.

So here I am, feeling quite comfy now as compared to say, a week ago. Things is accelerating at it’s speed. I know my way around, some great catchup with frens who make me feel oriented, managed some banks stuffs yesterday and having a good habit of studying. But the annoying thing is I know that in the end, with all these cancellations there would be replacement class that definitely gonna strain me out, not to mention all the assignments that would snowballed, sorrt, avalanched by then. Sigh.

Guess now I should take this opportunity to read on the books before anything else. Which is what I have already done people! Me! Yeah! From Marxy to Webby to Durkky. All of em’, summarised by other people. Marxy Communy Manifesty I am digesting slowly through it. The preface take like, half of the book, while the real content the other half- but important to set the historical background. At first it was Marxy and Engly and the Marxy died and Engly did the preface alone. Bummer. And in between some Hegely and some Feuery too. Them Krauts.

So yeah yeah yeah, I assure all of you I am werrkkin hard here. Sorta. So I am good and hope all is well on your side too.

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July 30, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Love and Hate

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Let’s see, it has been almost two years I work as ‘some sort of’ academic.

(some sort because they say that till you have your PhD, your career in academia have not even started yet. Well, according to those with one anyway. What a bunch of self ego-stroking creatures! Have them poor souls not heard of the Oracle who flew with a golden starlet? The Guardian of Infinite Wisdom?)

(Or the plumber looking apek who reign all the research. The “Con-sultan”?)

Insider joke, korang yang lain tak paham.

Who says that they have Pee-Haight-Dee? Nasty-Pee?

So I was thinking, not exactly evaluating, because my leg is already deep in. About the feeling of me being the ‘some sort of’ academic. Geez susahnya nak cakap.

I love knowledge, people. I am sure that has been in your knowledge, if you know me well enough. Hearsays, folk stories, gossips, myths, speculations, eavesdrops- I take it all in. Sambil minum Genius Juice, untuk menjadi Genius! I like reading it. I love to hear it . But when it comes to listening to it, I have a little problem. I mean, I love to hear it from villagers and people from the street, but when I hear an academic talking, I feel nauseous. I came with the realisation today.

What is wrong with me?

I feel like puking in my mouth and then drink it back as I have to appear respectable in a ‘seminar’/presentation (ala Jude Law’s character in Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind salah movie daaa..- I <3 Huckabees, thanks sourmilk). The name-dropping (my guilty pleasure too, but not when other people’s doing, or doing it unsolicited) and the verbal outburst that always seems could not be fitted in the time slot- be it 20 minutes or 20 hours. Again during Q & A.

I will end up feeling dizzy after the whole fracas, padan muka la, because usually I invite myself there. So dizzy that I would skip my favourite roti jala with delicious kuah kari.

So now the question is- macam mana mau jadi akademik ni?

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July 17, 2009 at 1:25 am

Epic Tiu-lah situation

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I am not usually the type of belogger that would usually post about events like these, as one of my buddy with his all sorts of highly tiu-able situations, but seeing it’s high entertainment value and to share my tiu situation with you which I am very eager, I decide to write this down. And also to compete in a way the epic tiu-ness we as humans face in day-to-day life.

As some of you might now I am now in the dreaded K-Hell and the Khrlang valley to continue with my paper chasing education. So naturally, I have to find a new place to stay, as it is quite a distance to travel from my family house to school, 35 minutes without jam, RM 3.20 one-way.  I’d rather find a place to stay than to waste time driving on the road.

And so the saga begins (to quote the wise woman- to refer to my newly re-discovered road rage).

I am looking for houses at Kajang area, specifically at Sungai Chua near TLS-developed Taman Sepakat area. There was the more-expensive Sri Camellia and Sri Cempaka and the contemporaries, and there are also 5- storeyed low-cost block houses.  That made up the two main categories of houses in the area by the same developer- and then there are Taman Sepakat 2 with Lavender, Dahlia and other apartments which the rental in the RM 700- RM 1,000++ region. More info on the properties later, for those who might benefit from it. (Edited: ON a second thought, I will release the info once I secure my living place first- so that you buggers don’t mess with my search and price negotiation). (I’ve got my place already! Moving in on the 15th)

One thing tht one will notice at Kajang is the vast amount of illegally put up ads (plywood stencilled with handphone no.) offering Lori Sewa. This is the first time I see illegal ads offering different product outdoing the financial service provided by Big Ear Hole (Tai Yee Long aka Ah Long) in guerrilla advertising.  A single street light pole or tree trunk would easily have at least 5 of these. At least I know if I need any major transporting, I can have these ad-thugs to rely on.

I took a few days surveying the area, going from block to block to look for no in the “To Let/Sale” ads.  I was specifically looking for those handwritten ones- so that I could deal with the real owner rather than incentive hungry agents. I viewed one house on the day itself, the rent was cheap- RM 300 for the whole unit but it was on the highest floor (which I dislike for security reasons) and the house was stomach churning.

After the first day on the (real estate) field, I have a handful numbers and a rough idea of the prices.  At the block houses you can get as low as RM 300, but that usually for the top floor which are usually eerily quiet at night, making it an attractive place for criminals, till maybe RM 500 the most, because more than that I am sure people will opt for Sri Camellia type instead.

OK enough about the house hunt.

So later I call one of the number – handwritten ad in front of a unit- to view the house and later to discuss the rentals, T&C’s and whatnots. The guy who answer asked me to call another number instead, the ‘one who can decide on things’. I called and a Chinese woman answered. She tell me the basics- the rent etc etc and I gave her some of my details.  I already tried to negotiate the price- she asked for RM 450 and later would only budge till RM 420. Nevermind, I tell myself, I will negotiate once I see her face-to-face.  We set the time for the house viewing on the subsequent call.

I went with Jo and passed by another unit on the second floor on the same block to be rented out. I briefly call the number to check on how much the owner charge- this is another handwritten notice- even more low-tech than some computer typed and printed ones- better in my opinion and which later proven to be true. I walked up and saw the woman, who I presumed the one I talked to on the phone previously ( I later found out her name, which rhyme with Frauline, lets call her F for convenience). Other than her, there was a guy- presumably her husband with two kindergarten age kids. There was another guy behind the door, fixing the door knob aided with some man tools and get all manly sweaty who called F ‘Sis’ in Cantonese (we call him ‘bro’ after this)

I viewed the house briefly as I have seen another unit in the same block before, so I basically know how it looks like. This apartment is well maintained and the walls are generally clean, though the floor was just cement surfaced. While I was viewing she goes on talking about how her previous tenants, all six of them, have been keeping the house in a good condition and the walls Aryan white and how she expect me to be the same. She said that should I mess the walls in anyway (the word she use literally was: ‘draw’ in Cantonese, which has no second meaning), she would not hesitate to skim some money from my deposit. Ok, first show of the tooth.

Went in to one of the room and the bro was pointing out the latch on the sliding window, saying “Ok, I noted this, it is not you who ruin this” and F later did not let the opportunity slip, no siree, and promptly said, “You see, I didn’t even charge them for this”. How kind of her. Kembanngggg telinga aku mendengarnya. She didn’t realise cheap materials wear and tear real fast, especially those used in a lowcost house like hers.

I start to talk about price and told her how I called the house downstairs and they told me it’s going for rent for only RM 400 and asked her to reduce her price. She was outraged- that we have discussed over the phone and that as if I have cheated her or something,: “But we have discussed! I have already count you cheap! It’s only because you told me you’re a student and that you are staying alone that I reduce the price! Don’t tell me that you come all the way her to see the house and wants to talk about the mere RM 20.”

It is because I have driven that far that I want to calculate the RM 20, I said, I am already sincere in driving so far.  There is no way she would reduce the price anymore, stating her house as if it’s a mansion when I am pretty sure, she didn’t even do anything to it: there are no other fixtures, literally an empty house with whatever stock part that came with it. She even have the nerve to say this: “By letting the house to you for RM 420, I am SUFFERING A LOSS, do you know how much I have to pay the installment for the house?  RM 500++ you know!”

Of course yours truly’s blood is boiling at this point, I mean, excuse my English, What the FUCK do you think? You get a FUCKING house in the end, how do you suffer a loss again? You think it is my FUCKING responsibility to pay for your fucking installment?

Then another shit about money.

I told that I wanted to start as early as possible, which she say OK, but I have to charge you full month, though it was already the end of first week of the month. At this point I didn’t say anything yet. At this time, ‘bro’ went on mediating the volatile situation by telling F, “Sis, why don’t you pass the young man the keys first, so that he could slowly move some things in” and which she look at him fiercely saying “CANNOT DO LIKE THAT! AS LONG AS THE AGREEMENT IS NOT DONE, I CANNOT PASS THE HOUSE TO HIM!”. (And, oh yeah, according to her, the agreement also need to be stamped, which will cost RM 10, which would be paid by ME. She told me how she saved me RM 25 by doing the agreement herself rather than hiring people doing it. How kind of her. Kembangggggg telinga aku mendengarnya..).

And then she figured that she needs time to do her agreement, then she ask for a week or so, so, fine with me. And we decided around 13th, since it’s Sunday and guess what guess what? She wanna charge me for the two days (13th + 14th +1/2 month rent). WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?  At this point the hubby who has been sitting on the sideline all these while, finally make heard his beautiful voice singing to the wife,”Why the HELL do you need to be so calculative?”. She retaliate and I am sure that there would be some follow up domestic drama once at home.

To cap the whole saga in a sweet note, she have the fucking nerve to ask for another money payment: “Urm, do you want to pay some money as deposit? You know, say if starting today till the 13th if someone else want to rent this house I MIGHT rent it out to them rather than you if you do not pay the deposit. Kembangggg telinga aku mendengarnya. She couldn’t pass me the house early and then require me to pay deposit to ‘booking’ the house. I just told her No. I don’t want to pay it, if you want, you can rent to others, I seriously don’t give a Pokemon’s ass.

Everything that has been discussed is always for her convenience sake. Even picking up keys have to suit all her time, I told her this Sunday I couldn’t as I would be at Penang and later in the evening have to go to the airport and could only get in at night around 8 till 9 pm. She went rudely and asked me in a raised voice “What time you leave from Penang?”, like what the fuck right, if I can I would told you I could. Then she went on of it being too late and all sorts of shit. I said OK, I don’t fucking know any road at Ampang, but would go your fucking place anyway, and she still wants to make grouses and shit about being late and how she needs to work. Like I have been swinging my set of balls all year and expected her to swing her tits.

OK, this post takes too much of my energy.

The point is, for any landlords, print this post out and send it to your ungrateful tenants to read (note also the Endnote below for extra impact). Of how they are so lucky to have YOU, yes YOU as their landlord. And ask them to pay the outstanding rent. And yeah, the outstanding deposits too, if any. To all future tenants, don’t be as dumb ass like me, walk off, there is no point to rent from people like this. You won’t live  in the house in peace. If you don’t like them, don’t rent from them- renting a house is like establishing a relationship- if in the beginning it doesn’t look good, the relationship is best not pursued.

Some people are so horrible. I came and start the conversation jokingly and in a light-hearted manner and all that came from her mouth was distrusts and greed, eventhough I took the first pacifying and good-relation clause of building a economic relationship base on trust and informalities. She just want to make life miserable. Poor soul must be abused as a child or something. I don’t know what is wrong with her. Oh how I miss Sarawak.

As promised, some contact numbers here if you are looking for a house in the Kajang Taman Sepakat (1 and 2) area, which is about 20 minutes from UKM and about half an hour to UNITEN or KLIUC, and a bit more to UPM. Appreciate this, I sweated like a pig looking for these numbers from house to house, apartment blocks to apartment blocks, phone calls after phone calls. Some extra info inserted if it helps, I don’t believe in what race landlord is good and what not, just fucking people. F is my own fucking race, look how well we communicated. I rent 2 houses in the past from Malay landladies (yes both owner are female) here and at Sarawak and none gave me any shit. I exclude F number below to save your ass. All numbers are (suspected) real estate agents, unless written otherwise.

Sri Camellia

1) 017 212 5439 Prioritise Middle East students, said he would do it student-style (which I presume basic furniture- bed, study table etc etc). RM 550 per month for the whole house

2) Lisa Ng 019 328 4722, RM 500 per month, available 20th July, not furnished.

3) Johari 012 378 2975, RM 500 per month, saw this no on 7Eleven notice board, when I call he ask me to call back. Very entrepreneur don’t you think? Maybe own house.

Sri Raya

1) Annie 017 282 1540, RM 700, sounds VERY furnished, sofa & coffee table), TV, beds in every room, aircond (this one I saw outside the building). Chinese owner.

Sri Dahlia

1) 012 323 6211, RM 1,200 per month, FULLY furnished

5-storey block houses (Taman Sepakat 1)

1) Selva 017 267 4429 (management office guy, this number should be quite handy), I viewed a house with him, RM 300 ONLY (cheapest in it’s category) but the house need extra cleaning up, owner agree to install grill if there is serious tenant. Contact Selva if you want

Other Random numbers I called and noted down, could be any of the apartments above that I did not note down, but if you are desperate.. I guess it helps:

012 602 4833

012323 6211

012 303 7762

Chee, 016 2041 383, Agent for 5-storey blocks

Ken, 012 278 5268, Agent for 5-storey blocks

Yap, 012 631 7335, Agent for 5-storey blocks

012 219 3784 Dahlia Apartment, 2nd Floor (advertised at 7Eleven)

Good luck

Disclaimer: Nak tolong orang pun kena ada penafian. OK, all the number listed above is what I get from doing my house hunting at Kajang Taman Sepakat 1 & 2 areas. Call at you own risk, I would not be responsible if you have been scammed or treated harmfully (or subjected to verbal abuse like what I had gone through). Hope it helps you, I gain nothing by listing this, but just hope would benefit all of you out there.

ENDNOTE: Owh yeah, the area (maybe also other areas in Klang Valley, I don’t know) have this system they call 2+1. Which basically means 2 month house rent deposit and RM 200 deposit each for both electricity and water bills, up front, together with the rent of the month you are moving in. Make sure you have the amount.

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July 8, 2009 at 1:59 am

Biasalah, saya ni kan

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.. suka benda-benda yang kewl, yang konon mencerminkan keunikan saya sebagai seorang individual yang esentrik la kononnya.

Kalau dah tak ada kerja tu (kan korang tak sepatutnya baca/tulis blog time kerja), sila pergi sini. Best, gerenti tak keciwa. Tengok video tu dulu, nanti tunggu tengok apa yang berlaku..

Saya dah tahu malu dah, tapi hari ini ada orang terang terang mencemuh URL blog saya. Sungguh tak orijinal. Disebabkan WP tidak membenarkan penukaran URL blog sesuka hati, sebagaimana blogger, saya bercadang berhenti menulis kat sini. Nak buat blog baru pulak sebagaimana saya sebelum ini yang attention whore tukar blog/tutup blog/hiatoos. Sebab nak pindah bal;ik ke KL. So tema “Days in Sarawak” sudah tak sesuai. Bloggers la katakan.

So ikut mood.

Kalau bernasib baik/ atas permintaan, saya akan berikan anda alamat barunya (tapi tak eksis lagi blog itu- bila ada masa nanti la)

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June 3, 2009 at 1:05 pm